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Transform Your Health: The Power of Posture and Movement for Coaches with Dr. Michelle Greenwell Ep 201


Episode 201  Transform Your Health: The Power of Posture and Movement for Coaches with Dr. Michelle Greenwell

Episode Description:

In this enlightening and interactive episode, I speak with Dr. Michelle Greenwell, a movement specialist who integrates dance, Tai Chi, and bioenergetic wellness into her practice. Michelle shares her journey from overcoming debilitating physical challenges to empowering others through self-care and movement. Tune in to discover simple yet powerful techniques to improve posture, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being.



  1. Journey to Wellness: Michelle Greenwell discusses her journey from facing severe physical limitations to becoming a movement specialist and advocate for proper body alignment and self-care.
  2. Importance of Posture: Learn about the critical role of posture in overall health and well-being, and how simple adjustments can have profound effects.
  3. Dynamic Sitting Techniques: Michelle introduces dynamic sitting exercises that can be performed during desk work or on Zoom calls to maintain flexibility and reduce stress.
  4. Ears Up Exercise: Discover a simple ear-pulling exercise that can instantly improve posture and alleviate stress in the body.
  5. Impact on Emotions: Explore how posture and body alignment affect emotional states, particularly in managing feelings of anger, grief, and stress.
  6. Deep Breathing Benefits: Understand the connection between deep breathing and emotional health, and how to enhance lung capacity with easy arm-tapping exercises.
  7. Releasing Neck Tension: Michelle shares a technique for releasing neck tension through ear rolling, improving range of motion and reducing stress.
  8. Holistic Approach to Movement: Learn about the holistic approach Michelle takes in her practice, incorporating physical, mental, and emotional health for comprehensive well-being.
  9. Self-Empowerment through Touch for Health: Discover the Touch for Health system and how it empowers individuals to take control of their health through simple, effective techniques.
  10. Practical Tips for Coaches: Gain practical tips that coaches can use to help their clients improve posture, reduce stress, and achieve better overall health.


Featured on This Show:


 Dr. Michelle Greenwell

Dr. Michelle Greenwell is a movement specialist who brings the knowledge of whole body movement through dance and tai chi to her audiences for developing daily self-care plans. She is also a tea artist who uses the spiritual essences of herbs with intentions, as well as colour and music to bring a powerful and fun set of programs for bioenergetic wellness to her audiences.

Website: www.greenwellcenter.com and www.capebretontea.ca

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/capebretonteacompany/

Free Gift: www.greenwellcenter.com

Free Gift (e-book): https://www.canbewell.org/

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