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Celebrating 200 Episodes: Key Insights And What's Next Ep 200



Celebrating 200 Episodes: Key Insights And What's Next-Ep.200

Join me in celebrating a major milestone—200 episodes of She Coaches Coaches! In this special episode, I reflect on the journey so far, sharing heartfelt gratitude, key lessons learned, and exciting future plans for the podcast. From overcoming fears to the power of persistence, this episode is packed with insights that can help you in your coaching journey. Tune in for a dose of inspiration and a look at what's next for She Coaches Coaches.



1. Gratitude for Listeners and Support Team: Expressing appreciation for loyal listeners, family, and the team at AmplifYou for their support in reaching 200 episodes.

2. 100 Guest Milestone: Celebrating the diverse and inspiring conversations with 100 guests, from clients to industry experts, who have enriched the show.

3. Global Reach: Sharing the excitement of having listeners in 117 countries, showcasing the podcast’s international impact.

4. Overcoming Fear and Procrastination: Personal story about the initial fears and doubts when starting the podcast, and how coaching helped overcome them.

5. Evolution Over Time: Reflecting on growth from episode 1 to episode 200, including the shift from scripted recordings to more natural, confident presentations.

6. Encouragement to Take Action: Inspiring listeners to pursue their own dreams, whether starting a podcast, YouTube channel, or writing a book, emphasizing the importance of taking that first step.

7. Key Lessons Learned: Sharing eight valuable lessons from podcasting, including the importance of patience, persistence, and authenticity.

8. The Power of Batching Content: Discussing the benefits of batching episodes to reduce stress and maintain consistency.

9. Future Plans for the Podcast: Announcing exciting new series, including topics on designing coaching niches and leveraging LinkedIn for client connections.

10. Coaching Demos: Introducing upcoming coaching demo sessions to showcase real-life coaching interactions and the value of laser coaching sessions.

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