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From Overwhelmed to Organized: Transforming Your Business with a VA featuring Diane Rolston Ep 199



Episode 199 From Overwhelmed to Organized: Transforming Your Business with a VA featuring Diane Rolston


    In this insightful episode of our podcast, join us as Diane Rolston reveals the secrets behind successfully integrating a virtual assistant (VAs) into your business. Diane shares her journey from unexpectedly becoming an expert in delegating and systematizing business operations to empowering other business owners to harness the power of VAs for achieving efficiency and growth. Discover the transformative impact of effective VA utilization, the pitfalls of DIY delegation, and how to seamlessly integrate these invaluable resources into your daily operations. Tune in to learn how to not just survive but thrive by maximizing your time and scaling your business efforts effectively.



    1. Diane's Unexpected Path: Diane discusses her unexpected journey into teaching business owners the nuances of working with VAs, emphasizing the importance of delegation and creating systems to enhance productivity.
    2. Magic of Delegation: Hear about the "magic" that unfolds when Diane's clients finally embrace the power of VAs to handle tasks ranging from social media management to system creation, dramatically freeing up their time.
    3. The Importance of Processes: Diane emphasizes the crucial role of processes and systems in business operations, and how she helps clients establish these to ensure smooth transitions and continuous operation with or without their direct involvement.
    4. Cultural Insights and VA Management: Gain insights into managing cross-cultural teams, particularly with Filipino VAs, as Diane shares how understanding and respecting cultural differences can enhance working relationships and operational efficiency.
    5. Empowerment through Training: Discover how Diane's background in training and education has been pivotal in her ability to empower business owners to take advantage of VA services, not just for routine tasks but for major business operations, ensuring their businesses scale and adapt efficiently.


    Featured on This Show:


    Diane Rolston

    Diane is a leading authority in being a Dynamic Woman® and living a Dynamic Life. Combining a mix of coaching and personal development, Diane works with women to provide clarity, boost confidence and get them into action. She is a Certified Professional Coach, an International Speaker, 11-time Author, Workshop Leader and the CEO and Founder of Dynamic Women® Global Club and Dynamic Women Podcast (a 5-Time Award Winning podcast in the top 2.5% podcasts).

    Her program is “VA Made Easy”, which is designed to move you from task overwhelm to ease by passing off your work to your very own Virtual Assistant she hires for you. You will learn what to delegate and how to easily train them to do it. Plus, you get so many of her Systems, Processes, Trainings, Strategy & Support.

    After leading events, speaking on international stages, and becoming an author while raising two young children, Diane is a leader on work/life balance and high achievement.

    “Chicken Soup for the Soul” Series Co-Creator, Jack Canfield said, “Diane is an amazing woman that does incredible work helping women develop, develop holistic lives of balance.”

    Website: www.dianerolston.com

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dianercoaching/

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