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Fan Favorite: Do's and Don'ts For Coaches Pt 3 Ep 198


    Episode 198: Fan Favorite: Do's and Don'ts For Coaches Pt 3


    This re-released episode concludes a 3-part series on dos and don'ts for new coaches, In it we focus on not assuming people understand coaching and highlighting the importance of acceptance, self-acceptance, and gratitude in business.


    • Don't Assume: Coaching is still not widely understood. So, it’s best not to assume that people understand how a coach can help them. This highlights the need for clear communication, showing up as a coach, and helping more people to experience coaching.
    • Clarifying Coaching: Coaching is often misunderstood, people think it’s like sports coaching or motivational speaking/cheerleading. Let’s take steps to explain coaching in simple, relatable terms.
    • Business Superpowers: Introduce the concept that acceptance, self-acceptance, and gratitude are "business superpowers," explaining how these qualities can positively impact a coaching practice.
    • Emotional Impact: Emotions drive the vibe in a business and acceptance and gratitude can create a welcoming and attractive atmosphere for clients.
    • Client Attraction: Clients are drawn to coaches who are growing and developing as well as those who practice acceptance, and gratitude.

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