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Fan Favorite: Do's and Don'ts for Coaches Pt 2 Ep 197


Episode 197: Fan Favorite: Do's and Don'ts For Coaches Pt 2


In this rerun of a popular episode, we talk about the challenges coaches face. This episode was originally aired at the height of the pandemic, and even though times have changed there are still challenges. Despite the difficulties, take heart, it's still possible to become a successful coach. This is part 2 of a 3-part series on dos and don'ts for new coaches, focusing on two key points: not rushing to quit your job and the importance of coaches being coached themselves. You’ll learn how quitting your job too early can sabotage your success as a coach and the value of getting coached to enhance your coaching skills and attract clients.



  1. It's important to acknowledge the challenges faced by coaches daily, both globally, economically and personally and at the same time I want to  reassure you that you can still succeed.
  2. A reminder that becoming a coach is a fulfilling pursuit and we can be a valuable asset to our clients. Imagine what would be possible if almost everyone was able to have a coach in the future.
  3. Consider the importance of not rushing to quit your job, it puts too much pressure on your coaching business too soon and can hinder its growth.
  4. Focus on and highlights the need for coaches to be coached themselves, It's hard to attract paying clients if you're not sold on coaching yourself.
  5. Let’s talk about the future where having a coach is as common as having a personal trainer, with people seeking coaches for various aspects of their lives.

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