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Unlocking Client Transformation With Coaching Packages Ep 191



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Episode 191: Unlocking Client Transformation: The Art of Coaching Packages

Episode Description:

Join me in this solo episode which is an excerpt from one of my most popular masterclasses “How To Thrive As A Coach”. I delve into the intricacies of coaching packages. I'll break down what coaching packages are, why they're essential for your coaching business, and how to design them effectively. From understanding the concept to exploring delivery strategies, this episode provides a comprehensive guide to thriving as a coach.



  1. Definition of Coaching Packages: Learn how coaching packages serve as a series of sessions that guide clients from their current state to their desired outcome, acting as a bridge to transformation.
  2. The Bridge Analogy: Understand the metaphorical bridge that coaching packages represent, helping clients traverse from problem or goal to desired outcome, one step at a time.
  3. Where You Stand: Discover where you fit on the coaching journey continuum, whether you're new to coaching, coaching part-time, or aiming for a full-time coaching business.
  4. Delivery Strategies: Explore various methods of delivering coaching packages, from private coaching to group coaching, and understand the importance of starting with one-on-one coaching for beginners.
  5. Benefits of Coaching Packages: Learn why coaching packages are superior to one-off coaching sessions, offering clients results, sustainability for your business, and more time for coaching and expertise development.


Tune in to unlock the secrets to crafting effective coaching packages and take your coaching business to new heights!


Featured on This Show:

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