Sign Your First Paying Clients In Less Than 30 Days With This Action-Packed Training!

The Fast-Track to Coaching Success: How to Sign 10 Clients in 30 Days Ep 188


The Fast-Track to Coaching Success: How to Sign 10 Clients in 30 Days Episode 188


Learn the practical steps to kickstart your coaching journey and sign your first 10 paying clients in 30 days or less. Discover a no-nonsense approach that emphasizes action over perfection, allowing you to start coaching, make money, and build momentum towards a thriving coaching practice. With a focus on simplicity and effectiveness, these five steps provide a roadmap for new coaches to confidently launch their business and achieve tangible results.



  1. Action-Oriented Approach: Embrace a mindset of taking action over perfection, bypassing common startup hurdles like defining a niche or building a website to focus on coaching and generating income from the get-go.
  2. Cultivating Your Warm Circle: Learn how to leverage your existing network by reaching out to friends and acquaintances, offering them a limited-time opportunity to experience your coaching at a reduced rate, resulting in a high conversion rate of clients.
  3. Effective Discovery Calls: Master the art of conducting discovery calls that deeply understand your potential clients' needs and challenges, paving the way for meaningful coaching relationships and clear objectives.
  4. Efficient Scheduling: Streamline your coaching process by scheduling all client calls in advance, ensuring clarity and commitment from both parties while maintaining flexibility to accommodate individual needs.
  5. Empathetic Coaching: Cultivate a coaching style centered on active listening, powerful questioning, and providing unwavering support to your clients, fostering a safe space for growth, reflection, and action.


Overall, this episode offers a practical blueprint for new coaches to launch their coaching practice with confidence, emphasizing simplicity, effectiveness, and a relentless focus on signing clients and delivering value.

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