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Unleashing Potential: The Power of Visual Mapping with Val Low Ep 187


Unleashing Potential: The Power of Visual Mapping with Val Low Ep 187

Listen in on my captivating conversation with Val Low, a Map It! creator and strategy implementer, as they delve into the transformative power of visual mapping in entrepreneurship. Discover how Val helps entrepreneurs unleash their potential by creating colourful maps that provide clarity, direction, and focus to their business goals.


  1. From Chaos to Clarity: Explore Val's journey from professional organizing to entrepreneurship and how she found her passion in helping entrepreneurs streamline their businesses through visual mapping.


  1. The Power of Visual Representation: Learn how Val's unique approach of doodling for business transforms complex strategies into simple, visually engaging maps that resonate with entrepreneurs.


  1. Finding Your Unique Path: Gain insights into the importance of identifying your three core strengths and aligning them with your target audience to create a compelling business strategy.


  1. Simplifying Complexity: Discover the value of simplicity in business strategy and marketing, as Val emphasizes the effectiveness of focusing on one key message, one target audience, and one marketing approach.


  1. Embracing the Journey: Hear Val's wisdom on the importance of patience and persistence in entrepreneurship, as she encourages new coaches to give themselves time to grow and evolve while staying focused on their long-term vision.

Tune in to gain valuable insights and practical tips for navigating the entrepreneurial journey with clarity, purpose, and success.

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Val Low

Val Low is a MAP IT Creator & Strategy Implementer. Val works with entrepreneurs to get their business ideas out of their heads and create colourful maps for them to keep on track to their big goals. She then works with them to implement their strategy by refreshing their message in their brand and website and fixing their funnels to attract more clients. To explode their results, Val shows entrepreneurs how to transform their mindset.  



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