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From Doubt to Power: Building Confidence for New Coaches Ep 186


From Doubt to Power: Building Confidence for New Coaches Ep 186



In this episode, we delve into the importance of confidence for new coaches. Candy, your host, explores the common doubts and fears new coaches face and provides insights on how to overcome them. Drawing from personal experiences and practical advice, Listen in for a fresh perspective on building confidence in coaching and business endeavors.


1. Addressing Common Concerns: Candy addresses common questions and fears that new coaches often encounter, such as running out of questions during coaching calls or feeling uncertain about finding clients.
2. Understanding the "New" Feeling: Exploring the underlying feelings of nervousness and self-doubt that accompany new experiences in coaching and business ventures.
3. The Nature of Confidence: Candy challenges the notion that confidence comes solely from repeated actions, emphasizing that confidence is a feeling shaped by our thoughts.
4. Personal Journey: Sharing a personal anecdote about starting ballet as an adult, Candy illustrates how embracing discomfort and persistence led to the development of confidence over time.
5. Practical Strategies: Offering practical strategies for building confidence, Candy encourages listeners to leverage past experiences, embrace discomfort, and cultivate courage through intentional thought patterns and actions.


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