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Turning Doubt into Power: Crack the Code of Reaching Goals Ep 184


Episode 184 Turning Doubt into Power: Crack the Code of Reaching Goals 


Join me in this energizing solo episode as we explore the exhilaration of goal-setting and the common hurdles we face along the way to goal-getting. Reflect on the highs and lows of your journey as I share insights from the recent Coaching Success Circle progress review. Discover the normalcy of losing momentum and the crucial steps to take when life happens, ensuring you stay on track to achieve your goals.



  1. *Navigating the Goal-Setting Rollercoaster:* Dive into the dopamine-fueled world of goal-setting and the rush that comes with planning, only to face the inevitable twists and turns of real-life challenges.


  1. *The Coaching Success Circle:* Get a sneak peek into Candy's dynamic group program for high-achieving coaches with heart, offering a blend of coaching, support, and strategies to build a thriving coaching business.


  1. *Normalizing Self-Doubt:* Understand how normal it is to feel discouraged and experience self doubt, especially when the initial excitement wanes. Candy assures you that experiencing ups and downs is part of the journey.


  1. *Strategies for What's Next:* Gain valuable tips on how to navigate the inevitable moments when you lose motivation. Learn to accept discomfort, embrace growth, and find inspiration in role models who have walked a similar path.


  1. *Micro-Goals for Macro Success:* Explore the effectiveness of breaking down big goals into smaller, manageable steps. Candy provides actionable advice on setting monthly, weekly, or even daily goals, creating a roadmap for continuous progress.


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