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Do’s and Don'ts for Coaches 1 Ep 175


Episode 175: Do’s and Don'ts for Coaches 



We’re diving into the She Coaches Coaches vault, to share with you one of our most popular standout episodes. Whether you’re a long-time listener or new to the podcast, get ready to enjoy a fresh perspective in your new listening space.

We explore some of the myths and truths surrounding the advice new coaches often encounter. Let’s challenge conventional wisdom so you can spend your time, energy and money on the things that will help you make progress to becoming a thriving coach.




  1. Website Myth Busting: Navigate the common myth that new coaches must have a website from the start. Instead let’s focus on relationship building, client interactions, attraction, and coaching skills.


  1. Client-Centric Approach: Shift your perspective and prioritize client engagement and interaction over the creation of a polished website. Authentic connections and coaching skills are the real drivers for success in the coaching arena.


  1. Strategic Timing for Websites: Acknowledge the eventual importance of a website but we recommend delaying its creation until after you’ve worked with some clients. This will help you to gain insights into your coaching style and understanding the evolving needs of clients.


  1. Invest Wisely: Caution against investing heavily (time, money and energy) in an intricate website design, many new coaches quickly find their initial investment becomes obsolete as their coaching style and understanding evolved.


  1. Social Platform Wisdom: Encourage new coaches to leverage social platforms like Instagram & LinkedIn for organic interactions, storytelling, and finding their unique voice.


  1. The Shop Owner Analogy: Draw parallels between a new coach and a shop owner, stressing the importance of having something to offer (coaching package that help a client get a desired outcome) and inviting potential clients in the door.


  1. Facing First Client Nerves: It’s normal to feel nervous about finding your first clients. We caution against using building your website as a distraction. Instead foster authentic conversations and learn how to invite clients.


  1. Strategic Website Creation: If you’ve already started building your website, keep it simple, save elaborate designs for later stages once you’ve got more coaching experience and built your clientele.


  1. Business Building Realization: Listen I want you to let you know that it’s common for new coaches to get a big post-coaching certification surprise. They discover that they need business-building skills and strategies, in addition to great coaching skills and this is not a welcome surprise. You can’t be a coach if you don’t have any clients. Let’s learn to appreciate and enjoy both coaching and business development.


  1. Business Basics for Coaches: The essential components of a coaching business can be summarized by five simple steps—finding and talking to people, inviting them to coach, scheduling calls, getting paid, and maintaining communication—advocating for simplicity and streamlining to maximize coaching time.

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