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The Motivational Triad Ep 173


Episode 173: Timeless Gem: Revisiting a Fan-Favorite from the Archives - The Motivational Triad



We’re diving into the She Coaches Coaches vault, to share with you one of our most popular standout episodes. Whether you’re a long-time listener or new to the podcast, get ready to enjoy a fresh perspective in your new listening space.

In this engaging episode for life coaches, the Motivational Triad takes center stage—an intriguing theory suggesting that as people, we're naturally inclined to seek joy in the moment, steer clear of discomfort, and preserve energy. We look at the nuances of this triad, offer insights into the challenges life coaches and their clients might face in balancing immediate pleasure with long-term satisfaction. The episode wraps up with actionable strategies to help you override the triad and embrace personal growth and resilience.


  1. Motivational Triad for Life Coaches. Learn about the theory of the Motivational Triad, explore how people are wired to seek joy, avoid discomfort, and conserve energy in their personal journeys.


  1. Navigating Pleasure and Well-being: There’s a delicate balance between immediate pleasures and the pursuit of lasting well-being, that guide us toward healthier choices and sustainable transformations.


  1. Survival Signals in Modern Coaching: Understand how the avoidance of discomfort and the pursuit of pleasure might present challenges in coaching and explore strategies to address these instincts for the benefit of personal and professional growth.


  1. Energy Conservation in Coaching: Relate the concept of conserving energy in and discover ways to channel and direct energy for the most impactful experiences.


  1. Modern Coaching vs. Outdated Instincts: Highlight the clash between traditional survival instincts and the demands of modern life, emphasizing the need for to evolve as people and as coaches to align with contemporary goals.


  1. Coaching through Growth Conflicts: Life coaches help navigate clients' internal conflicts between growth aspirations and the inherent resistance to discomfort, fostering a supportive coaching environment.


  1. Understanding Client Motivation Drops: Gain a coach's perspective on the reasons behind motivation drops during coaching processes, offers nuanced insights and empathetic strategies to reignite enthusiasm.


  1. Client Temptations and Coaching Challenges: Explore the temptations clients face for quick pleasures and immediate gratification, and see some ways to help guide us toward more fulfilling and sustainable choices.

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