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Confidence Unveiled: A Journey From Corporate To Coaching With Elisa Boogaerts Ep 171



Confidence Unveiled: A Journey From Corporate To Coaching With Elisa Boogaerts Ep 171

Episode Description

In this episode featuring guest Elisa Boogaerts, we reflect on a transformative journey into coaching. Elisa shares her story of rebuilding her life in London, rediscovering coaching during her corporate career, and ultimately deciding to pursue coaching full-time. Listen closely because her story is representative of so many new coaches. The conversation delves into the importance of self-discovery, overcoming external pressures, and the intricate process of building confidence.


  1. Elisa shares her transformative journey, starting from hard times in 2013 to rebuilding her life in London, where she rediscovered herself and started on her coaching path.


  1. Explore the analogy of life as a delicious stew, We reflect on the necessary time for ingredients to simmer, drawing parallels to the years it can take for growth and coaching aspirations to fully develop.


  1. The importance of divine timing, emphasizing that life's changes unfold when they're meant to, and how Elisa's journey perfectly aligned with her readiness for coaching.


  1. The decision to leave a corporate career can take time and we highlight the process of planning and self-discovery that lead to confidently step into the world of coaching.


  1. The conversation touches on the external projections of fear often encountered from others when deciding to become an entrepreneur, showcasing the challenge of staying true to one's path despite external skepticism.


  1. It’s normal to experience a mirror effect in external conversations, revealing how conversations with friends and family often mirror internal conversations and doubts.


  1. It’s common when undergoing personal transformation that others who've known you in the past might still try to relate to an outdated version of you, failing to see the growth and change that has occurred.


  1. Elisa unveils her signature system, the Confidence Method, explaining how it helps individuals understand themselves authentically, navigate self-sabotage, and set boundaries to embrace change confidently.


  1. The importance of mindfulness in Elisa's coaching approach is highlighted, emphasizing the role it plays in self-discovery, navigating obstacles, and practicing confidence-building techniques.


  1. We discuss the significance of practice in building confidence, underscoring how coaching provides a supportive space for individuals to experiment with newfound insights and skills in real-life situations.

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Elisa Boogaerts

Elisa is in the transformation movement. She is the founder of Inspiration By Elisa, a transformational speaker, published author and a certified Life & Health Coach. She helps entrepreneurs and professionals confidently put themselves first so they can achieve their goals and make their next big bold move. Her mission is to empower her clients to step into their authenticity and make positive change towards a happy life.


Website: https://www.inspirationbyelisa.com/

Free Gift: https://inspirationbyelisa.com/gift

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/inspirationbyelisa/

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