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Dancing with Self Doubt: Unmasking Fear’s Role in Your Life Ep 170

Dancing with Self Doubt: Unmasking Fear’s Role in Your Life - Episode 170

In this week’s episode, Candy shares her unique experience and relationship with self-doubt and fear, shedding light on how these feelings are part of life's journey. Drawing from her personal story as a dancer who performed on stage despite being nervous, she provides three practical tips for managing fear and self-doubt, emphasizing that it's normal to feel these emotions. Her tips focus on accepting fear, comforting oneself by acknowledging its presence, and recognizing that self-doubt often indicates the importance of the endeavor.


  1. Fear and self-doubt are portrayed as fast emotions, but courage is essential to confront them and unleash a rush of power.
  1. Consider the difference between "body fears" (natural reactions to loud noises or danger) and "imagined fears," the self-doubts that come from our imagination.
  1. We all experience fears, including worrying about what people think, looking foolish, failing, or even being too successful.
  1. I encourage you to recognize that fear will always be part of life and that resisting and avoiding it only empowers it.
  1. Accept and embrace fear, acknowledging it as a normal aspect of life, and to courageously face the things that cause fear.
  1. Try comforting yourself by placing a hand on the upper chest and saying, "Of course I'm nervous," in an accepting tone, recognize this feeling is a normal part of everyone’s life.
  1. Fear may show the significance of this challenge and that it's a signpost to growth and expansion.

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