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Becoming an Author to Grow Your Authority and Business with Kimberley Day Ep 169


Expert Strategies for Coaches: Becoming an Author to Grow Your Authority and Business with Kimberley Day - Episode 169

In this podcast interview with Kimberly Day, a book marketing expert, she shares valuable insights and experiences.

We talk about Kimberly journey from being a financial advisor to becoming a successful author and book coach. Get a glimpse into the transformative power of writing a book,  and how to use it to gain credibility, authority, and build your audience. Kim’s journey emphasizes the importance of committing to a long-term plan, focusing on solving your ideal client's problems, and strategically using your book to connect with your audience.

Episode Highlights

  1. The power of using a book to position oneself as an expert and gain credibility in your industry.
  2. Entrepreneurs can begin by focusing on being just a bit better than their clients at solving a specific problem, and this is the place to start building so you can grow into a credible expert.
  3. Kimberly shares her personal journey from being a financial advisor to transitioning into the world of books and coaching.
  4. The interview highlights the path from listening to your hear, then deciding, and committing. All of which are needed along with focus to see a book project through from idea to publication.
  5. We discuss the transformation that can happen when you approach your business with intention and commitment.
  6. She mentions the benefits of strategic marketing, including local media coverage and increased client inquiries that can occur when you write and publish your book.
  7. The interview touches on the importance of being a continual student and staying open to possibilities in the ever-changing online business world.
  8. Kimberly talks about building connections and gaining exposure through speaking engagements and other platforms. 
  1. Using a book can open doors to media appearances and speaking engagements, allowing you to reach a broader audience.
  2. Kimberly's approach emphasizes the long-term benefits of using a book as an asset that continues to work for you, saving time on content creation while building authority and credibility.

Featured on This Show:

Kimberley Day

Kimberley Day is a book marketing expert who specializes in helping her clients grow a big, profitable business by becoming a published author. Kim is passionate about helping coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs overcome the daily struggle of finding their next client and helping them put their lead generation on autopilot. Kim is the author of two books (with two more coming by year-end) and has participated in 1000s of workshops, 100s of podcasts, dozens of summits, and a handful of giveaways. If you are an entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level, Kim will show you how to elevate your brand, become the go-to authority in your market, and stand out from your competition using a book plus speaking to get more qualified leads and make more money.




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