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Dead Reckoning: Navigating Life and Business with Yvonne McCoy Ep166


Dead Reckoning: Navigating Life and Business with Yvonne McCoy Episode166

This conversation revolves around the concept of "dead reckoning" and its application to productivity, personal growth, and business decisions. Dead reckoning is explained as a sailing term used for navigation, which involves setting a clear destination and making adjustments based on external factors like currents and wind. Yvonne uses this and her 3P Model to support entrepreneurs in their long term strategic growth.

  • Productivity is not just about checking off tasks but about ensuring that you're heading in the right direction, drawing parallels between sailing and life/business navigation.
  • Dead reckoning involves starting with a clear long-term goal, which influences decisions and investments in the short term, ensuring alignment with your ultimate destination.
  • Yvonne also introduces the "Three Ps" model—Procedure, Purpose, and Proactivity—to manage setbacks and challenges, focusing on improving processes and avoiding self-blame.


Highlights from this podcast interview:

  1. Dead reckoning is a concept borrowed from sailing, which involves setting a clear destination and adjusting as necessary to reach that goal.
  2. Productivity should be more about direction than speed; it's essential to ensure you're moving in the right direction in both personal and business endeavors.
  3. Yvonne highlights the importance of having a reset strategy to deal with the constant changes in life and business.
  4. Success is seen as progress, not just a destination, and mistakes are a natural part of growth.
  5. The Three Ps model—Procedure, Purpose, and Proactivity—helps individuals and entrepreneurs manage challenges objectively.
  6. Blaming oneself or others for mistakes should be replaced with a focus on improving procedures and processes.
  7. Solopreneurs and business owners should consider longer-range plans and sustainability, rather than just short-term goals.
  8. Having a clear purpose and vision for the future can influence decisions regarding investments, time, and resources.
  9. It's essential to evaluate whether you have the training and resources needed to accomplish your goals and seek help when necessary.
  10. Being proactive means not just solving individual problems but also putting systems in place to prevent them from occurring again.

Featured on This Show:

Yvonne McCoy

Yvonne McCoy, MBA, is a Woman’s Business Strategist who helps women entrepreneurs to push past their first 6 figures by prioritizing what they love so they can accelerate profit simply. She is passionate about turning business challenges into practical solutions, expanded opportunities, and increased income. Her extensive experiences in coaching, divisional operations and diversified job training as well as life experiences are the basis of her practical systems. Based on her professional and personal journey, she helps you find the hidden treasure in your business. Her biggest personal accomplishment is losing over 150lbs and keeping it off.

Website: https://yvonnemccoy.com/

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/yvonne-mccoy/

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