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Sacred Sales: Transforming Coaches into Empowered Salespeople with Vanessa Broers Ep 165


Sacred Sales: Transforming Coaches into Empowered Salespeople with Vanessa Broers Ep 165

Episode Description

In this podcast interview with Vanessa Broers, the discussion revolves around the challenges coaches face when it comes to selling their services. Vanessa provides valuable insights and practical advice on how to approach sales in a way that aligns with a coach's values and maintains authenticity.

One: Shift in Perspective: Vanessa emphasizes that coaches need to shift their perspective on sales. Instead of viewing it as something inauthentic or manipulative, they should see sales as a means to help clients make empowered choices that align with their true desires.


Two: Creating Safety: Building trust and safety in sales conversations is crucial. Coaches can achieve this by being loving, honest, and authentic in their interactions, thereby making potential clients feel respected and understood.


Three: Integration with Coaching:  Vanessa highlights that sales and coaching are not separate entities; they can complement each other. Coaches can use their coaching skills within sales conversations to help potential clients gain clarity and make informed decisions.



  1.  Many coaches find it challenging to sell their services because they associate sales with manipulation and pushiness.
  2.  Vanessa discusses the disillusionment many coaches face when they realize they have to sell their services in addition to providing help.
  3.  The fear of appearing pushy or manipulative in sales often prevents coaches from embracing the sales aspect of their profession.
  4.  Vanessa introduces the concept of "sacred sales," which involves helping clients make empowered choices while being true to oneself.
  5.  Sales, when done from a place of authenticity and respect, can be seen as a deep service rather than a transaction.
  6. Vanessa emphasizes the importance of taking it slow and acknowledging that learning to sell is a skill that requires time and practice.
  7.  Sales conversations should focus on helping clients gain clarity on their desires, identify obstacles, and understand the consequences of inaction.
  8.  Vanessa advises coaches to make potential clients feel respected, welcomed, and understood during sales conversations.
  9.  The coach's role is to create an atmosphere of love, honesty, and authenticity, allowing potential clients to trust the process and themselves.
  10.  Vanessa encourages coaches to approach sales with the mindset that they are already working with the potential client, fostering trust and transparency in the conversation.


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Vanessa Broers

Vanessa’s early career was in the C-Suite of a major corporation, leading the internal department of process improvement. Despite loving the work, she was called into deeper modes of healing as a coach and healer and onto the shamanic path. She spent more than a decade coaching top performing entrepreneurs, organizational leaders and professionals to tear down decades of inner blocks to performance, eliminate stress and overwhelm and radically shift the way they lead their teams and businesses to create more impact and results. Her results prove that the more you focus on the human experience, the better performance. She works as a Culture Shaman, to put the ‘human’ back into human performance and works with top organizations like Reddit, Linkedin, University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University and her own top performing fitness studio to create cultures that truly thrive at the human level to support higher performance within the

Website: www.vanessabroerscoaching.com

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thehighperformancehealer/

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