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Connect To Clients Through The Magic Of Color With Patsy Sanders Ep 163


Connect To Clients Through The Magic Of Color With Patsy Sanders Ep 163

Episode Description

In this captivating podcast episode featuring Patsy Sanders, we dive into a transformative journey that starts with hairstyling but goes way beyond. Patsy shares how she got involved in the world of personal image styling through a serendipitous encounter with a speaker trainer.

Highlights from the conversation:

  1. Patsy's initial foray into the world of image styling began when she was asked to do the hair at a speaking event, which opened her eyes to the power of personal image alignment.
  2. She initially resisted the idea of getting color-typed, but her friend's insight about her personal branding potential changed her perspective.
  3. Patsy's journey of self-discovery led her to embrace her core character trait as a "mover and shaker," aligned with the fire element.
  4. Her transformation began with a few wardrobe changes, which resulted in an influx of compliments and inquiries about her services.
  5. Patsy eventually took over her mentor's image styling business, turning her passion into her profession.
  6. The synergy between her work and her mentor's coaching led to remarkable transformations in their clients.
  7. Patsy emphasizes the importance of dressing authentically, which not only boosts confidence but also helps clients attract the right opportunities.
  8. The significance of color and personal branding is highlighted, with Patsy sharing insights about the impact of different colors on one's energy and presence.
  9. Patsy provides practical tips, such as wearing teal or eggplant for a dynamic look and wearing your eye color to appear more approachable.
  1. The episode underscores how your attire reflects your authentic self, enabling you to build powerful connections and create a memorable presence, especially in coaching and speaking engagements.

This podcast episode is a fascinating journey of personal transformation and empowerment through the lens of personal branding and image styling.

Featured on This Show:

Patsy Sanders

As Master Hairstylist & Image Coach, Patsy elevates her clients’ looks from head to toe and from the inside out. She inspires them to embrace their essence through their own transformations. How you feel in your clothes is as important as how you look in your clothes! Living in her element as a Fire has equally transformed her experience of showing up authentically in the world. She confidently walks through life graciously accepting compliments no matter what she is wearing. Patsy is on a mission to help other women discover the joy of living in harmony with their true authenticity by finding their own unique style through the element typing system!

Website: embracingyouressence.com

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/patsystylist

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