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“Coachpreneurship”: Navigating the Business and Coaching Roles with Jos Willard Ep: 162


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“Coachpreneurship”: Navigating the Business and Coaching Roles with Jos Willard: Episode 162

Episode Description

In this engaging podcast discussion, Jos Willard and I focus on new coaches and how they can thrive in a competitive coaching landscape. The concept of "coopetition" takes center stage, challenging the common belief that there's a shortage of clients. Once we understand there is actually an abundance of clients then we realize why we benefit from specialization.

We also cover the need for coaches to understand that coaching and running a coaching business require distinct skill sets and mindsets so that the road to success is easier to navigate.



  • The podcast shines a light on the intriguing "law of coopetition," which argues that there are plenty of coaching clients to go around, dispelling the scarcity myth.
  • Coaching is a vast, multi-billion-dollar industry with numerous niches, offering plenty of room for coaches to carve their own paths.
  • It's crucial to differentiate between trained coaches and those with certifications but lacking coaching skills to further support the growth of this profession and adhere to professional standards.
  • Coaching associations like the ICF play a role in setting coaching standards and guidelines.
  • Coaches need to understand that coaching and running a coaching business require distinct skill sets and mindsets.
  • Three personas within business owners—the entrepreneur, manager, and technician—are discussed, highlighting the need for coaches to switch between these roles effectively.
  • Newer coaches are advised to assess their current business model, client attraction strategies, and find a mentor or coach who aligns with their style and goals.
  • Embracing change and trying new approaches is vital, avoiding analysis paralysis.
  • Overcoming fear and resistance to change is a key part of a coach's journey to success.


Featured on This Show:

Jos Willard

Jos Willard’s mission is to help good people build profitable lives and achieve extraordinary goals while making their worlds a better place. An international coach, counselor, and consultant for more than twenty years, creator of the Profit for CoachesTM and Profit FlowTM systems, and host of the Profit for Coaches podcast, Jos helps his coaches and advisors stop the stress, generate more profit, and free up hours of extra time with his Profit FlowTM system. His clients make an impact with their clients, have a great life, less stress, more money, and – most importantly - the time to enjoy it. Living from his own values of Faith, Personal Responsibility, Freedom, and Abundance, Jos has lived in 6 states, 3 countries, and 2 continents and believes deeply that what we have in common is stronger and more important than our differences – if we’re willing to let it be so.



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