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Hilary DeCesare Embrace Relaunches: Align Head, Heart, and Higher Self for True Success Ep 161


Episode 161: Hilary DeCesare Embrace Relaunches: Align Head, Heart, and Higher Self for True Success

Episode Description

Join us on this transformative journey as we delve into the powerful connection between business and soul. Our guest speaker Hilary DeCesare shares her personal experience of embracing failures and relaunches, leading her to discover the importance of aligning head, heart, and higher self using her 3HQ Method Learn how to tap into your genius and access high-quality energy, resulting in growth, flow, and fulfillment in both business and life. 


  • Embrace failures and relaunches as catalysts for personal growth and business alignment.
  • Explore the concept of the G zone, where high-quality energy fosters growth and alignment.
  • Discover the significance of integrating 3HQ head, heart, and higher self in business and life.
  • Understand the impact of limiting beliefs and emotional blocks, and how to overcome them.
  • Learn the Tune In process—a four-step tool to tap into higher levels of energy throughout the day.
  • Uncover the power of intention and its role in overcoming challenges and achieving success.
  • Gain insights into resonant energy and the law of attraction in business and personal growth.
  • Find inspiration in stories of transformation and how embracing your authentic self leads to success.
  • Recognize the importance of self-awareness and how it fuels progress and positive change.
  • Experience the journey of becoming the CEO of your own headquarters—head, heart, and higher self.

Featured on This Show:

Hilary DeCesare

Hilary DeCesare is an international business coach and bestselling author of ReLaunch! Spark Your Heart to Ignite Your Life, and pioneer female Silicon Valley CEO.

As a sought-after speaker and founder of The Relaunch Co., she is among the first women to impact almost ½ a billion in sales for tech giant Oracle, as well as millions of dollars in venture capital for many successful startups. Hilary brings an innovative perspective to industry leaders, CEOs, and solopreneurs. She is widely recognized for her work in neuropsychology as it relates to business and life and holds several certifications in the field. A unique application of her work is the trademarked 3HQ™ Method, a process that helps empower mid-life women to reimagine what’s possible in their lives and careers using 3HQ (head, heart, higher self), a topic for which she is in great demand as a motivational speaker.

Hilary serves on the board of The Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where she is a frequent guest lecturer on topics such as Entrepreneurship and Business. As a loyal philanthropist, Hilary is committed to organizations fighting human trafficking and childhood cancer. She’s been featured on ABC’s hit TV series Secret Millionaire, where she shared the stories of helping people who have overcome difficult circumstances. Her insights have been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and mentioned in The Huffington Post, The Hallmark Channel, Forbes Coaches Council and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Website: www.therelaunchco.com

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/therelaunchco/

Free Quiz: https://therelaunchco.com/3hqquiz/

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