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Your Ego As A Tool To Overcome Limiting Beliefs with Monica Ramirez Ep:159



Your Ego As A Tool To Overcome Limiting Beliefs with Monica Ramirez  Ep:159

Episode Notes

Join my discussion with Monica Ramirez, Warrior of Love as we talk about overcoming limiting beliefs and how to use awareness, understanding and remembering how far you’ve come so that you can use your ego as a tool instead of the enemy.

We discuss the societal programming that leads people to doubt themselves and lose touch with their true potential and emphasize the importance of unlearning these beliefs and reconnecting with your inner divine being.



  1. Many people don't believe in themselves due to societal programming and messages received from childhood and we can unlearn and rediscover our true identity and purpose.
  2. The ego is seen as a tool for self-awareness, providing insights into areas that require inner work.
  3. Working at the subconscious level is important to reprogram limiting beliefs that hinder personal growth. Personal growth occurs in layers, and each level presents new challenges and opportunities to learn.
  4. The ego can be viewed, not as an enemy but a part of oneself that can be harnessed for growth and self-improvement.
  5. Limiting beliefs often stem from external influences, and it's important to question their validity. 

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About the Expert:

Monica Ramirez the Warrior of Love, is a Transformational Belief Coach, she help healers, coaches and energy workers to connect to a higher consciousness and heal within, so that they can believe in themselves more deeply, take decisive action in their own lives and facilitate more profound transformations with their own clients. She use NLP, BQH, Channeling, and Quantum Healing Techniques to access and reprogram the 'motherboard' of your being so that you can shed the unhelpful beliefs that hold you back, connect to the higher realms, and fulfill your personal and business potential. She is the best seller author in Amazon. Founder of Path to the Heart a transformational System.

Website: https://www.monicaramirezwarrioroflove.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/warrioroflove1111/

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  • Monica

    It was such a pleasant conversation with Candy, she is such a loving and knowledge woman, she really coaches coaches.

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