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Unlock the Power of LinkedIn The Best Social Platform for Coaches with Sophie Lechner Ep-154


Unlock the Power of LinkedIn The Best Social Platform for Coaches with Sophie Lechner Episode 154

We talk about the unique aspects of LinkedIn as a social media platform and the importance of having a mission in your business. Understand why embracing a larger mission and how it can positively impact one's coaching business. Our conversation also focuses on starting out on LinkedIn as a new coach, creating a compelling profile that reflects one's mission, and building relationships through engaging content and conversations.


  1. LinkedIn is distinct from other social media platforms, offering various features and opportunities.
  2. Having a mission in business can be empowering and make a positive difference.
  3. Embracing and openly expressing one's mission is more effective than keeping it a secret.
  4. Coaches often have hidden missions and can benefit from utilizing LinkedIn to amplify their impact.
  5. Starting early on LinkedIn and engaging in conversations can lay a strong foundation for future business growth.
  6. It’s important to write a compelling profile that highlights one's mission and evokes emotion is crucial.
  7. Rather than focusing on website creation and branding initially, coaches could prioritize building relationships and having conversations on LinkedIn.
  8. Creating a body of work through articles, case studies, and featured sections on LinkedIn helps showcase expertise.
  9. Interacting with commenters and likers on posts is essential for building relationships and fostering deeper conversations.
  10. LinkedIn conversations may take longer than face-to-face conversations, but understanding the platform's dynamics can lead to better outcomes and stronger connections.


Featured on This Show:

Sophie Lechner

After 25 years in corporate, Sophie found The Global Growth Experience. She help solopreneurs on a mission to find their audience on LinkedIn and engage with them so they can spread their message and grow their business.

Over the last 18 years, her activity on LinkedIn has led to speaking engagements in the US and abroad, podcast invitations, finding clients and JV partners, and even an interview in Forbes.

She created the MAGNET Method to help solopreneurs build the authentic relationships that will propel their mission forward. She works with clients one-on-one and via courses, group programs and workshops.

Website: https://themagnetmodel.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sophielechner/

Free resource: https://g2experience.involve.me/what-kind-of-linkedin-user-are-you?

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