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Say Yes To Your Soul with Tessa Lynne Alburn Ep-153



Say Yes To Your Soul with Tessa Lynne Alburn  Ep-153

My guest, Tess and I talk about the topic of intuition. We emphasize that everyone has the ability to access their intuition, even if they feel disconnected from it due to societal expectations or past experiences. Tessa defines intuition as an inner knowing that is based on an energetic connection to our inner guidance. We give you some practical steps for developing intuition, such as connecting with nature, practicing meditation or deep breathing, and asking specific yes or no questions to one's higher self.

1. Intuition belongs to everyone and can be accessed with the right tools and practice.
2. Many people feel cut off from their intuition due to societal pressures and a focus on mental capacities.
3. The acceptance of intuition is growing, even though it may not be easily measurable.
4. Recommendations for developing intuition include connecting with nature and creating internal space through meditation or deep breathing.
5. Building a connection to something greater and listening to what you notice/hear/sense are crucial first steps in discovering intuition.
6. Practicing intuition creates neural pathways and can lead to every day wins such as shorter commutes, improved relationships, and greater connection with others and yourself.
7. Trusting intuition involves asking questions, listening for responses, and taking action.
8. Cultivating intuition enriches life and enhances relationships, and there is no reason to fear it as long as trust is developed through practice.

Featured on This Show:

Tessa Lynne Alburn

Tessa Lynne Alburn is a certified life coach and soulful mentor for women. With a background in healing and decades of experience leading live and virtual events, Tessa now helps highly creative introverted women who are determined to stand out in the crowd, have a deeper connection to their specialness, strengthen their Intuition, and express their true voice. Tessa believes in women having their own divine connection to the Universe, bringing themselves and their ideas into the world - free from traditionally masculine systems - and becoming personally powerful as a co-creator and standing up for their birthrights. Tessa mentors you to create the life you truly want and lead and maintain your important relationships while also saying “yes” to your soul. If you want to be freer, happier and more courageous in life, Say Yes To Your Soul!

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