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Grow Your Coaching Practice with Community Building Sessions Ep-152


Grow Your Coaching Practice with Community Building Sessions Ep-152

Episode Description

In this episode, I explain one of my approaches to finding and signing clients, highlighting the importance of creating a safe and welcoming space for coaches, growing an email list, maintaining relationships with past clients, and attracting potential clients through weekly community building sessions which I've named Coaching and Conversation sessions.



  • Introduce the secret podcast, "Unlock Coaching Success," which provides valuable insights for coaches..
  • Let's talk about one of the top questions I receive from coaches: how to find and sign clients.
  • Let me share my approach of hosting weekly Coaching and Conversation sessions to build community and attract potential clients. The sessions create a safe and welcoming space for coaches to start their week intentionally.
  • Learn more about how the sessions help grow my email list and allow me to stay in touch with current and past clients.
  • Highlights the importance of authenticity, helpfulness, and creating connections as a way to attract dream clients.


Overall, this episode provides valuable insights and practical tips for coaches looking to build their coaching practice and sign clients successfully.

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