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Personal Transformation for Social Change: A Coach's Journey of Self-Exploration and Advocacy Joana dos Santos Ep-149


Episode 149: Personal Transformation for Social Change: A Coach's Journey of Self-Exploration and Advocacy Joana dos Santos 

Episode Description

I'm joined by an inspiring guest and private client, Joana Dos Santos. They are a coach and have brought their years of experience advocating and fighting for social justice to the world of coaching. Joana believes that to live in a socially just world, we need to focus on changing policies and practices AND the inner work to living these values. Through self-exploration, we can examine how we may be perpetuating unfair systems of advantage/oppression and how to live from an equitable place. As part of their journey, Joana embarked on a path of self-exploration, embracing that they enjoyed having powerful, vulnerable conversations, that lead to healing and growth. This led them to bringing the power of coaching to a new level of depth, through individual transformation for social change. Joana also incorporates working with cycles in their coaching approach.


  • Coaching can support us in figuring out how to align our values and goals to create social change.
  • Creating a safer space for coachees is an important aspect of coaching and is needed to support them as they build a plan to live their goals.
  • Social identities and systems of advantage/oppression impact coaching sessions and coachee goals. Incorporating this awareness into coaching partnerships is key. .
  • Personal transformation can lead to social change.
  • Understanding your cycles and how they can support your healing and growth.

Featured on This Show:

Joana Dos Santos

Joana is the co-founder and co-CEO of cosyn, a coaching and consulting practice that invigorates hope and possibility through personal and organizational transformation for social change. Joana coaches people to live and work to their fullest potential in ways that align with their values. Additionally, they partner with organizations to create diversity, equity, and inclusion plans of action, including co-creative strategic planning and equitable policy advising at any stage of a group's journey


Website: https://www.co-syn.com/coaching/coaching

Social: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joana-m-dos-santos/

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