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Unlocking the Demand: The Not So Surprising Desire to Pay for Coaching Ep147


Unlocking the Demand: The Not So Surprising Desire to Pay for Coaching Ep147

In this episode, we uncover the truth that people actually love to pay for it. We break down the four conditions that make someone want to invest in coaching, including the existence of dream clients, their desire for results, their willingness to take action, and their readiness to pay for the solution. By understanding these conditions, we realize that coaching is a natural process, just like buying groceries or seeking solutions to everyday problems, and it becomes easier to attract clients and help them achieve their goals.



  1. Busting the myth: Turns out, people are genuinely excited about investing in coaching and getting personal guidance. It's not just some far-fetched idea!
  2. The journey of readiness: We take a closer look at how dream clients progress from having a desire or problem, to trying things on their own, and finally reaching a point where they're ready to seek professional coaching help.
  3. Normalizing the desire for help: Seeking assistance is totally normal, and coaching is no exception. Just like grabbing groceries or finding solutions to everyday issues, investing in coaching is a common and practical choice.
  4. Finding your dream clients: By understanding the unique characteristics and needs of your ideal clients, you'll realize that there are plenty of people out there who are a perfect fit for your coaching services.
  5. Empowering coaches: Knowing that people genuinely want and are willing to pay for coaching allows you to gain confidence in promoting your services, attracting clients, and making a meaningful impact by helping them overcome challenges and grow personally.

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