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4 Pillars for Your Coaching Biz Ep:144


Episode 144: The Four Pillars of a Thriving Coaching Business

Hey there! In today's episode, let's chat about something really exciting - the 4 pillars that are essential to every thriving coaching business.

Starting your own business and signing your first paying clients is a huge achievement, but what happens next? Do you find yourself constantly searching for the next client and struggling to build a solid foundation for your business? Well, don't worry, because I've got you covered.

I'm going to give you the inside scoop on how to create a rock-solid foundation that will save you time and energy, and help you build a thriving coaching practice. Whether you want a multi 6-figure empire or just a part-time business, I'm here to guide you on your journey.

We know that many new and experienced coaches struggle with signing clients, attracting their dream clients, and feeling disorganized and frustrated. That's why I'm here to share my years of experience and boil it all down to the essentials.

So, what are these 4 pillars that every successful coaching business has nailed down? Let's dive in and find out!

Pillar #1 is having an irresistible offer. Your offer is the solution, a coaching package designed specifically for your dream client that helps them reach a result, solve a problem, or reach a goal. Create an offer that stands out and attracts your dream clients.

Pillar #2 is creating content. Build an intentional content plan so you can speak directly to your dream clients, build trust and authority, and help them know you can help them by helping them in advance. We'll talk about how to create written blog posts, social media content, podcast episodes, videos, and more.

Pillar #3 is lead generation. Widen your circle and build an email list of interested potential clients. Create a lead magnet, which is something you offer for free in exchange for your potential clients' email address. This is a great way to build authority and connect with more people who are interested in how you help others.

Finally, Pillar #4 is connecting and inviting. Build relationships with people you already know or meet through networking, social media, or your email list, and how to invite them to work with you. Building relationships can be a great source of clients, partnerships, and resources.

So, get ready to take some notes, pop in your earbuds and let's dive into the 4 pillars essential to every thriving coaching business!

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