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5 Common Myths That Hold Coaches Back From Starting Their Business Ep:143


5 Common Myths That Hold Coaches Back From Starting Their Business Ep:143

Hey there! Today's podcast episode is all about the 5 myths or hurdles that can hold back new coaches from taking the next step and signing clients, launching their business, and making an impact.

First up, we'll tackle the common Misunderstanding about Fear. So many of us wait for our fear to disappear before we take action, but guess what? Fear is always going to be there! Instead, we'll talk about taking action even when we're scared and how that can propel us forward.

Next, we'll dive into the Lone Wolf DIY Approach. While it might seem like a good idea to do everything ourselves, we'll talk about how this can lead to inefficiency and a "crazy quilt" version of our coaching business. Instead, we'll explore the benefits of working with an expert or mentor and how that can lead to more freedom, fun, clients, money, and impact.

Third, we'll tackle the myth that we need to be certified before we can start coaching. I call this Coach Before Graduation. While certifications are great, they shouldn't hold us back from starting with the expertise we already have. We'll talk about how to leverage our existing skills, experience, and strengths to sign clients and make money.

Fourth, we'll discuss the Rabbit Hole of Distraction. It's easy to get caught up in consuming information and following all kinds of experts, but we'll explore how creating our own content and focusing on the projects that move our business forward can be more effective.

Finally, we'll address the Fear of Technology. It's common to feel like we're "no good" with tech, but we'll talk about how the amount of tech knowledge we actually need to become a coach is probably less than we think. We'll explore how focusing on coaching clients is more important than building a social media following or having the fanciest website.

So grab your headphones and join us for this friendly and informative episode that will help you overcome the 5 myths and hurdles that might be holding you back from reaching your coaching goals!

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