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The Ultimate Guide to Signing Your First Coaching Clients: 5 Actionable Steps Ep:141


The Ultimate Guide to Signing Your First Coaching Clients: 5 Actionable Steps Ep:141

Episode Description

Learn 5 steps coaches can take to sign their first clients. From committing to focusing solely on client acquisition to creating an irresistible coaching package and setting up essential tools, Candy provides actionable tips and advice to help coaches attract and convert potential clients.

  • The top concern of many coaches is how to sign clients, and in this episode, we address this question head-on.
  • The first step to signing clients is to decide and focus on client acquisition by committing to only doing things that will help attract clients.
  • Coaches need to have a compelling offer that goes beyond a one-off coaching session, and instead, they should create a coaching package that offers a result or solution to potential clients' challenges.
  • It's important to name the coaching package with a clear and uncomplicated name and set a price for the package.
  • To make it easy for potential clients to schedule a session, coaches should set up an online scheduler like Calendly or Acuity Scheduling and choose their availability for coaching sessions.
  • Coaches should create three appointment types, including a coffee chat, a coaching experience, and a client coaching call, to cater to potential clients' needs and interests.
  • Coaches should sign up for a Zoom account to conduct coaching sessions, coffee chats, and consultations virtually.
  • It's crucial to have a payment system in place to receive payments from clients, and coaches can use platforms like PayPal or Stripe to set this up.
  • Once coaches have all the essential tools and systems in place, they can start promoting their coaching services on social media platforms, through referrals, or by collaborating with other coaches or businesses.
  • The key takeaway is that coaches need to take action and implement these steps consistently to attract and sign their first clients and start building a thriving coaching business.


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