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The Quiz Queen Catharine O’Leary Ep135


Ask An Expert: Catharine O’Leary How to Use A Quiz To Grow Your Business Ep 135

Episode Description

Join me as I speak with Catharine O’Leary about using quizzes to grow your coaching business.

Catharine shares her insights on the topic and guides listeners on how to ask effective questions that engage clients and lead to conversions. Catharine starts by advising entrepreneurs to get intentional about the questions they ask and avoid overwhelming clients with random questions that do not tie back to anything. She suggests that once entrepreneurs understand what they are using the information for, they should engage their client base in the process.

For instance, if entrepreneurs have a poll question, a yes or no question on social media, they should follow up and have a conversation with those that respond. Catharine emphasizes that entrepreneurs should aim to build a connection with clients and have several posts that build on each other based on one question. This approach can lead to a place where clients know, trust, and like the entrepreneur, making it easier to ask them about the next step, such as getting on a call or learning more based on a sales page.

Entrepreneurs can be too focused on the end game and forget what it is like to be in the client's shoes. Catharine's conversational style quiz approach, which includes starting with a poll, is effective in leading clients to where entrepreneurs want them to go. However, it is essential to avoid taking too far of a jump and missing the content side.

You could reverse engineering from the end game, by understanding the one question keeping clients up at night, and having a coffee chat to guide them to the solution. Consider how entrepreneurs can know when they have taken too far of a jump. Catharine explains that entrepreneurs will know if they miss the content side or do not start at the end. Entrepreneurs should focus on the benefits and promises they have for clients and reverse engineer from there. They should have a conversation with clients to understand their challenges, where they want to be, and their next steps. This approach will help entrepreneurs engage clients and build a connection that leads to conversions.

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Catharine O’Leary

Catharine O'Leary is an economist, entrepreneur, and investor who is passionate about helping businesses grow. She is also the quiz queen, always asking the best questions to attract the best clients for her clients. Catharine has spent the last 25 years perfecting her market research and consumer insights expertise in the corporate world. Now she is motivated by helping others apply innovative marketing strategies that make it easier for your ideal clients to find you. Especially if you are a speakers, podcaster, author or coach!


Instagram: @catharineoleary

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