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Omar Medrano What if it does work? Ep:132



Episode 132: Ask An Expert Omar Medrano What If It Did Work?

Episode Description

Join me as I speak with Omar Medrano as we discuss ASKING for what you want and stop letting the fear of rejection get in your way.

Featured on This Show:

Omar Medrano

Not always a highly successful entrepreneur, Omar was often left stuck in his career – watching others dominate the industry and pass him by to reach success he’s dreamed of. It wasn’t until he started ASKING for what he wanted and stopped letting the fear of rejection get in his way, he started seeing the results he dreamed of. Now, Omar wants to help turnaround flat businesses and businesses that are at the point of going under. Two time Author - What IF It Did Work? and the Vacation CEO And when he’s not teaching business owners how to find profitability, clarity, conviction and faith in themselves, you can find him playing the stock market, working out and indulging in the occasional smoothie while parenting his incredible daughters.

Website: https://omarmedrano.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/omarmedrano73/

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