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Dinalynn R The Language Play Ep:131


Episode 131: Ask An Expert: Dinalynn Rosenbush The Language of Play

Episode Description

Join me as I speak with Dinalynn , she is a parent coach and she helps you to communicate with your children better so you can become the parent you want to be.  

She started working with parents while working as a speech pathologist in schools. She noticed that involving parents in their children's speech therapy improved their learning and progress. Over time, she realized that there are many things parents do that do not recognize how children understand. After being diagnosed with Lyme disease and resigning from her job, Dinalynn decided to continue working with parents and children and become a parenting coach.

As a parenting coach, she works with both children and parents to improve communication and develop skills that work for the whole family.

She shared a story about working with a family where the children spoke one language with one parent and English with the other. The parents struggled with communication, especially when the children were overstimulated and uncooperative. The guest used her expertise in child development and language to help the parents understand how to communicate more effectively with their children. By playing with the children and getting into their language, she was able to help the parents see the benefits of adapting their communication style to match their children's understanding.

Dinalynn's approach to parenting coaching is unique in that she works with both children and parents to create a comfortable atmosphere for learning and growth. Her work focuses on improving communication and building skills that work for the whole family, rather than just one client.

Featured on This Show:

Dinalynn Rosenbush

Dinalynn is a Parent Coach that specializes in HOW to Communicate with Children. In her work as a Speech Language Pathologist, she gained a deep understanding of how connection is the foundation for our parenting. As parents grow their skills to connect, kids even listen better!

Website: DinalynnRosenbush.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/dinalynn-rosenbush-b5750854

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dinalynnrosenbush/



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