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Alexander Ford Measurable Genius Ep:130



Episode 130: Ask An Expert: Alexander Ford Measurable Genius

 Episode Description

Join me as I speak with Alexander Ford, President and CEO of Measurable Genius where he and his team pursue their dream of helping entrepreneurs and business owners find their story, acquire new leads and scale their business to reach their goals.

Alexander explains how he got into business and his interests in building and reverse engineering systems. He mentions that he has consistently had issues with authority. He identifies herself as a problem solver and has a talent for using Google, which makes him a great IT person.

Alexander started selling websites at the age of 12 and eventually got into marketing. He believes that people who are willing to take on challenges tend to pursue opportunities that matter to them. And he thinks that people who are stuck in jobs they hate haven't figured out yet how to pursue an opportunity that has meaning to them.

Alexander also shares his thoughts on how people need to find meaning to be willing to take on challenges and that society doesn't prepare people for the transition from childhood to adulthood. He also mentions the importance of having the opportunity to do something that matters to drive people's willingness to take on challenges.

Through all of this, his curiosity is the main driving force. 

Featured on This Show:

Alexander Ford

Alexander Ford is the President and CEO of Measurable Genius, Calgary’s only polymathic services agency. Alexander has been pursuing his dream of helping entrepreneurs and business owners find their story, acquire new leads, and scaling their businesses since he first became an entrepreneur at age 12. By combining strategic consulting, information technology, and marketing services, Alexander and his team convert challenges into opportunities other experts, specialists, consultants, or gurus have been unable or unwilling to solve.

Website: https://measurablegenius.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexanderwford/


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