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Not A Good Enough Coach? Ep.126

Are You Secretly Worried That You’re Not a Good Enough Coach? -Ep.126


I had fun planning this episode and the title “are you secretly worried you’re not a good enough coach to sign or coach clients?” isn’t the original.

My original episode was “I want you to be a terrible coach”  - but then I thought you wouldn’t listen, and I think…that maybe what I share will surprise so.

Let me tell you about when I was taking my coaching program, when I was learning to be a coach.

I was polly prepared.

I had a list of questions in case I didn’t know what to ask

I had a very very very quiet office so I could never be disturbed.

I had a plan (and a back up) in case I blew it and made my client angry with a bold question

I studied the techniques and tried to perfect them with my coaching buddies.

Any of this sound familiar?

Well I thought at least some of it might.

And then a few months in we were on a peer coaching call and somehow it came out that I did all this preparation and we laughed and laughed…because they were doing it all too

We were all trying to be perfect

And in that moment we gave ourselves wholehearted permission to be terrible coaches. To mess up, to lose our train of thought, to get distracted, to not have very intentional and powerful questions prepared.

Yes terrible coaches!

And do you know what happened.

Well let me tell you

We took the pressure off, and we took the focus off of ourselves and placed it fully in the

Here and now with our client

We listened even more deeply to what they were saying, what they weren’t saying and what needed to be said.

We focused on them our client….and our coaching transformed.

Because that’s what matters – the client.

Listen it was scary as all get up going into a coaching session present with no plan…..because who knew what would happen??? We left control at the door when the call began…and truthfully for me it was one of the best lessons….ever. 

So I’m giving you permission 100% permission to be a no good, awful terrible coach – to enter your coaching calls, whether they are in person, on the phone or on zoom and leave you and your little worries at the door. get your mind off of yourself and turn your focus to your client and watch what happens.

I’m glad you’re here listening to me… and now I want to hear from you.

What did you learn from this episode?

Post a screen shot of this episode and and tag me @candymotzek. Tell me what you learned and what you’re going to do next.

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