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Episode 122: Should I become a coach?


Episode 122: Should I become a coach?

Hi, I’m so glad you’re here. I’m recording this episode in Mexico. I decided that it would be so much fun to batch a bunch of podcast episodes and that’s just one of the reasons I signed up to attend a work-cation with a group of other amazing podcasters.

If the sound isn’t the same, if you hear construction or dogs barking now you know why. 

If you’re listening to this while it’s raining – icy or snowing I’d love it if you would take a moment to pause, get some fresh air no matter what the weather and ground yourself in the space where you are. Being present in your day is everything!

If you receive my emails, you know that I often ask you questions because I like to hear from the people in my community. I want to make sure I’m creating episodes that are helpful to you. And if you’re not in my community, if you haven’t signed up for any of my free resources or Free Coach’s Toolkit I have to say – why the heck not????

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So one of the questions I hear, and truthfully a question I asked myself for a long time as I was trying to decide to be a coach. Did you hear that word “trying” right – well it’s not a very helpful word in this case. I realized that somehow I was waiting to decide, holding off from making a decision to dive in.  Does that sound anything like you? It might not be you deciding to become coach you might be “trying” to decide if you should start a podcast, if you should go all in on Tik Tok or if you should create an amazing program to offer to your clients.  

Here's the thing  - you are never going to know if it’s the “thing” for you until you do it.  I’d encourage you to decide. You can decide yes or decide no…but decide and then get moving. Once you start you’ll know if it’s a match for you or not.

Anyway back to the question – if you’re contemplating becoming a coach. I have five questions for you to consider. If you’re on the treadmill or driving, give yourself a reminder to come back and answer these questions when you’re done.

The first is – have you ever had your own coach?

Weird question right? But if you haven’t experienced coaching for yourself you may not actually know what coaching is like.

I’ve counted and about 80% of the people who speak to me about starting a coaching business and signing clients have never actually been coached.  It’s like telling me you want to be a driving instructor but you’ve never sat in a car.

You’re never going to know if you love coaching and want to be a coach if you haven’t experienced this. Coaching isn’t like a regular conversation, the coach talks far less and asks questions, sometimes questions that really make you think before you can answer. So you’ve got to try it to see if you like it!

So step one if you’ve never been coached…it’s time– get coached, hire a coach and experience it. 

Next, do you love personal growth and if I was to look at your browser history would I find a whole bunch of books on growth, psychology, self esteem, spiritual practices, communication and the like? 

Hey if you want to be a coach this is a profession (and I mean Profession with a capital P) where you need to continue to grow your coaching skills and your self awareness. After all how can we ask our clients to evolve and grow if we’re not on the same path ourselves?

Third – are you called to make a difference, a positive impact on the people around you? Because this is one of the hallmarks of coaching. We help people have more fulfilling lives…and when they feel more satisfied, more in tune with who they are and how they want to show up in the world make no mistake we are making a  difference. In fact, we’re transforming the world  - one person at a time. And that, in fact is the only way. One person, one conversation, at a time.

Fourth – do people seek you out and talk to you?  I mean really, I know that when I used to work in corporate daily people would say – do you have a minute…walk into my office and close the door. Sometimes they just need a compassionate ear, sometimes they had something (large or small) going on. I found they wanted to talk about everything, not just about work. They wanted someone to listen about their relationships,  money problems, health challenges, everything and anything under the sun!  And they wanted to talk to someone, someone who would listen to them and hold space….So do you love to listen, do people seek you out???? 

Finally, fifth, have you always wanted to have a business or a side hustle and the freedom that goes with that.  - tried lots of options before, want to have freedom to work from anywhere at anytime, want to wake up excited to go to work everyday because you love what you do, want to help people, want flexibility and dare I say fun.

Yes, so those are five questions you could consider while making your decision. And if you’ve already decided to be a coach – YEAH good for you. And I bet you answer “YES” to all of these questions. 

The five questions again:

  1. Have you ever experienced coaching?
  2. Do you love self development?
  3. Do you feel called to make a positive impact on this earth?
  4. Do people seek you out (even strangers in the coffee shop) and talk to you?
  5. Have you always wanted to have your own business and with it the freedom to do what you want, when you want to?

 If you answer Yes to all five questions…then what are you waiting for? The world needs more coaches. Come join us. 

Excellent – now I want to hear from you. 

What did you learn from this episode?

Post a screen shot of this episode and tag me @candymotzek. Tell me what you learned and what you’ve changed to make it easier and more fun for your potential clients to find you and get your help.

And if you want even more help, maybe you’ve had enough of trying to figure it all out on your own or taking hours and hours piecing together a solution by going to the googles or watching YouTube videos.  Then we should talk about how we can work together.

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