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Candy Messer Profitability Advisor Ep:118


Episode 118: Ask an Expert Candy Messer Profitability Advisor

Episode Description

Join me as I speak with Candy Messer Profitability Advisor. She shares some important tips for setting up your business and managing your money.

Featured on This Show:

Candy Messer

Candy Messer is a profitability advisor working with entrepreneurs to help them have successful businesses. Experienced in bookkeeping since 1998, Candy understands the stresses business owners face and offers customized services to meet their varying needs.

Her company energizes entrepreneurs by removing the burden of compliance tasks as well identifying issues preventing higher profitability. As a result of using her services, clients have peace of mind and the freedom to do what they love.

Candy is co-author of Business Success With Ease and Navigating Entrepreneurship and is the host of the “Biz Help For You” podcast which can be found on YouTube, as well as multiple podcast channels.

Website: www.abandp.com

LinkedIn:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/candymesser

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