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Meg Edwards Bringing Joy To Life Ep:117


Episode 117: Ask an Expert - Meg Edwards Bringing Joy To Life


Episode Description

Join me as I speak with one of my inspiring clients, Meg Edwards well-being life coach of The Integrated Heart. We talk about freedom, ease and bringing more joy and authenticity to your life.

Featured on This Show:

  • Meg Edwards
    • Meg is a Well-being Life Coach. She helps successful women who feel drained and burned out figure out what they really love so they can create a life of purpose, meaning, and joy. She founded The Integrated Heart to help women elevate their holistic well-being and live a life they love. Her 12- week “Your Well-being Coaching Program” is designed guide her clients one-on-one through positive life transformation using coaching, activities, and practices to gain clarity, balance, peace, and confidence. Meg is a Chopra certified well-being coach, meditation teacher, and Ayurvedic lifestyle health teacher. She has also been a psychology professor for 14 years. As a mom and wife who loves quiet mornings, her dog, labyrinth walks, and finding joy in the little things in life - she is committed to bringing ease, freedom, and authenticity into all areas of her life.

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