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Joey Ragona Dream Clients Ep:116


Episode 116: Ask An Expert Joey Ragona Working With Your Dream Clients


Episode Description

Join me as I speak with Joey Ragona, one of my marketing mentors as we talk about how your business can be transformed when you identify and connect with your dream client so that you can create your dream business.

We are discussing the concept of dream clients and how it differs from an ideal client avatar. The dream client is essentially someone who is a perfect fit for a business not only in terms of demographics but also shares the same values and characteristics as the business. It is like having a best friend who pays you, where you have a genuine connection beyond just business. The difference between an ideal client avatar and a dream client, where the former is a business fit while the latter is a culture fit. The dream client is someone who would fit right into the culture of the business, like someone you would welcome into your home and enjoy their company. The concept of having clients who are also friends is not common in today's world, but it is possible and something you could consider as a possibility.

When it comes to the dream client concept, it's all about building relationships and connections with clients who not only align with your business model and goals but also share your values and beliefs.

The idea is to create a culture fit rather than just a business fit, which means going beyond demographics and targeting people who would fit in perfectly with your business's personality and culture. This approach can help you build long-term relationships with clients who are more likely to stick with you, refer you to others, and become brand advocates.

To find your dream clients, it's important to define your business's personality and culture, including your values, beliefs, and the type of experience you want to create for your clients. You can then use this information to create a client profile that goes beyond demographics and includes personality traits, values, interests, and behaviors. This will help you identify and attract clients who are a perfect fit for your business and with whom you can build strong, long-lasting relationships.

Overall, the dream client concept is a powerful tool for building a thriving business based on meaningful connections and relationships. By focusing on creating a culture fit rather than just a business fit, you can attract and retain clients who not only align with your business goals but also share your values and beliefs.

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