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Niki Jones Spiritual Mentor Ep:109


Ask An Expert: Niki Jones Spiritual Mentor Connect With Your Guides To Co-Create Your Best Life. Episode 109

Episode Description

Join me as I speak with Niki Jones, Spiritual Coach and Mentor. She uses Shamanic and Spiritual techniques; energy healing and channeling; divination and mentoring to help you feel better; learn about your spiritual team; connect with them; and co-create with Fate to create the life you have always dreamed of! I am retired Army and bring a solid mix of techniques to help bring out the best in each of my clients.

A common experience for people who are just awakening to their spirituality. They may have been hearing or seeing messages, signs, and symbols for some time before they finally realize that there's something more going on. They may feel confused or scared and need some help to navigate their growing intuitive abilities and understand what's happening to them.

As a spiritual coach trained in the shamanic arts, Niki helps her clients to learn about their spiritual team, connect with them, and co-create with fate to create the life they've always dreamed of. She uses various techniques, including energy healing, channeling, divination, and mentoring, to help her clients transform into the best version of themselves.

Many of her clients are retired soldiers who are trying to find their passion and purpose after leaving the army. Niki's mission is to help people find their truth, navigate their spiritual awakening, and realize that the universe wants to work with them side by side.

All in all it's a very rewarding journey and she uses her love of mentoring that she discovered when she was in the army to help her clients today.


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