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Lori Osborne Your Website Ep107


Episode 107: Ask An Expert: Lori Osborne How To Get Your Website Working For You


Episode Description

Join me as I speak with Lori Osborne. Founder and Chief Solution Architect for Biz Bolster Web Solutions. She specializes in increasing sales for small businesses through custom website development, pre-built website packages for professional coaches, SEO services and online reputation management. She helps you to quickly and easily set up a website that works for you.

Lori talks about how website development has become her passion. She  found it to be the first time she could use both sides of their brain and be analytical and logical as well as creative. Then she started building websites and realized how much small businesses needed services like this since not everyone is comfortable or capable of building a website.

Lori reminds us that most small business owners shouldn't be spending time building their own website as it takes away from their ability to serve their clients and create an impact. She also mentions that SEO, or search engine optimization, is important for small businesses to ensure that potential clients can find them on search engines like Google.

Despite this not every web developer knows about SEO, and they often help coaches and other small business owners who have tried building their own website or have paid someone else to build it for them but still need SEO help.

There are many platforms to choose from and Lori has discovered one that works well for coaches and she has developed custom packages to support new coaches with their website and technology needs.

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