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Productivity with Yvonne McCoy Ep:099


Ask An Expert: Accelerate Productivity, Impact and Income with One Small Change with Yvonne McCoy Ep-099

Episode Description

Join me as I speak with Yvonne McCoy a Woman’s Business Strategist. She helps woman entrepreneurs to grow their impact and income with productivity strategies. With new clarity about constant uncertainty, clients maximize their powerful genius and talents to step into their CEO mindset.


 About the Guest:

Yvonne McCoy is an international woman’s business strategist, speaker and consultant. When she lost all of clients due to the pandemic, Yvonne pivoted her focus to helping herself and then her new clients with productivity and profit with a CEO mojo mindset. She noticed that many woman owners struggled with spending their time and energy in the day-to-day operations. The lack of strategical impact planning and procedures frustrated and limited their growth.

She has created Productivity Income Accelerator. It is a simple approach that uses what you have to increases clients and income. She is passion about changing the challenges of entrepreneurial business environments into practical solutions, expanded opportunities and increased income. She assists clients in creating innovative and amazing profit results that reflect the owners' impact.

Her extensive experiences in coaching, divisional operations and diversified job training as well as life experiences are the basis of her practical systems. Her biggest personal accomplishment is losing over 150 pounds and have a reset strategy to keep it off.


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