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Your Dog Heals Michael Overlie Ep:098


Ask An Expert: Your Dog is a Healer with Michael Overlie Ep-098

Episode Description

Join me as I speak with Michael Overlie an Energy Healer, Canine-Partnered Energy Coach, Author, and lifelong dog fanatic. He has had a gift of connecting with animals since he was a small child. Dogs have been with him most of his life, giving him gifts and teaching him lessons. His greatest breakthrough was after the death of his brother. While grieving this loss, he was fully awakened to his own potential and the gifts our animals bring to our lives. Now he helps other men awaken to the gifts available to them from their dogs. He has dedicated himself to assisting men and their dogs discover their path to living a life of purpose, being extraordinary.

Michael describes his approach below

Guys are tough. Guys are tough to crack. They, they, you know, we're, we're macho and we're tough and we can do everything on our own. So just getting guys to even think about doing something like this has been quite a trick, but every person different. So understanding that gives me a little bit of an edge. Every animal is different understanding that gives me a little bit of an edge, getting that person to understand that is where you just go right.

It opens a flood gates. So the, the way we get in the way we get in to help these guys to get underneath that armor, you know, across the drawbridge, whatever you wanna call it is the dog. The dog is the key to the whole thing. Let me explain guys are worried to death about being seen as weak or vulnerable or you know, not perfect or unable to do some, you know, we're supposed to be these, you know, all encompassing. I can do anything no matter what creatures, and it's just not true, but we, we think we have to be that way. We're allowing ourselves to go home at the end of the day, after having a crappy day with Jim and John and Ed, we can go home and just around our dog, we can open ourselves up a lit, just a tiny bit more.

We can slow down, be vulnerable. You know, science shows some of the physical effects of, of, of being with an animal dog, even a cat cortisol levels, drop respiratory rate drops, heart rate drops, blood pressure drops that discharges our nervous system of just a little bit. So we can just, some, some of us like me, I talk to my dog, I tell her what's going on. We can't do that with our partners, our, you know, our, our spouses, our parents our kids, we, we just don't allow ourselves to do that, but we do with the dogs. So using the dog as a key to open that gate.....

Listen to this episode to learn more about Michael's approach.

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