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Where Do You Start? Ep:084


Episode 84: Where do you start? 

Today I’m bringing you this special episode. I’ve been speaking to my clients, and all the people who respond to my emails. …in other words, I’ve heard a lot from new coaches.

When I ask “what do you want?” you tell me you want clients. 

When I ask “what’s getting in your way?” you tell me…I don’t know where to start.

So, in this episode I will answer both questions for you.  And that’s why I’m calling it a special episode.

By the end you will know where to start and how to start in a way that helps you get clients.

I know it’s pretty ambitious! 

I have a concept that I share with my clients and I'm sharing it with you today.

I call it the 5 by 5.

I recommend that all new coaches start by coaching 5 clients for 5 hours each.

Each of these clients gets 5 full hours of coaching.

And even more I suggest you do it for free.

Now if you’ve been coaching for awhile and you’re still not sure exactly how you create clients. You’re not comfortable knowing what to ask during a session and when to stay quiet. Or you’re uneasy with what to do on your calls this 5 x5 approach will help you.

And yes, I recommend you do this for free.

My approach is that taking frequent small steps, the kind of steps that are a little stretch outside of your comfort zone will accumulate so much faster than if you try to go from nothing to fully booked fast.

Here’s what I know. A new coach

Doesn’t necessarily feel like a coach

Doesn’t necessarily believe they can coach powerfully

Doesn’t necessarily believe they can really help someone with their coaching.

And if you have any of these doubts then you will definitely have problems trying to sign clients for your paid coaching package.

If you don’t believe, why would they?

If you don’t believe in yourself, in your skill as a coach, then potential clients will feel that vibe rolling off of you and they won’t believe you either. No matter what words you use.

Here are some of the places you gain by starting slow and doing the free 5x5 method: 

  • You learn how to invite people to be your client
  • You learn how to schedule and deal with late clients and last-minute cancellations
  • You learn how to track their progress and show them their growth
  • You learn how to coach!
  • You learn how to handle” challenging topics” (like the topic “I have nothing to coach on” that shows up and then you don’t know what to do)
  • You will have coached for 25 hours! That’s a major achievement
  • You will begin to believe that you can coach
  • You will see how your client’s lives are changing and how they are growing

So, if you’re a coach that doesn’t know what to do to begin or doesn’t know what to do next you have one job.

And that one job is to invite people to be one of your 5x5 clients. 

Now, here’s a little extra bonus thought for you.

I can’t remember who shared this or I would give them credit for the idea. One coach said think of your coaching practice like a fancy dinner party.

You only have a limited number of seats at the dining room table.  When you invite them to be your guest, be 100% upfront and ask for their commitment because if they’re not sure you’ll let their “seat” go to someone else. 

It’s true right? When you play along with this approach, you have 5 seats at your dining room table. There is only very limited space for the amazing and valuable offer. This mindset makes it easier and more enjoyable for you to invite your best potential clients to your 5x5 party. They should feel honored that you’ve invited them.

If you’re game, you are only “allowed” 5 and that means you will need to be prepared to tell the 6th person that your 5 spots are filled but….if they would like you could offer them a paid coaching package perhaps even one time reduced rate package for 5 hours of coaching too. 

When you know this 5x5 is a “limited edition” and you mean it, you stick to your word you are learning how to create demand for your paying coaching. 

And of course, once your “five” have completed their sessions you can certainly offer them a paid option that helps them continue to grow.

These special “five” are also a great source of referrals for you. They’ve experienced your coaching, of course they would like to recommend you to their friends and family.

Once people have been coached, they love it, and they want more plus they are happy to share you with others.

Alright, there you go I’ve answered both questions and given you the fastest easiest path to become a paid coach. 

Begin by offering your 5x5 to some fortunate people. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t find this generous offer a hell yes!

Let’s circle back to the two common questions that I promised I would answer.

  1. What do you want?” you tell me you want clients. The 5x5 is the fastest path to get coaching clients, to get coaching and to become a coach.
  2. When I ask “what’s getting in your way?” and you tell me…I don’t know where to start. Now you know, offer your 5x5 – that’s exactly where to start. If you haven’t signed 5, keep inviting people until you do. Treat those clients like gold, coach them to the best of your ability. Invite them to continue as your paying clients, when it’s appropriate, ask them if they would recommend you to others…

Do you see how simple this could be? 

Now I want to hear from you. 

What did you learn from this episode? Will you take on the 5x5 challenge?

Post a screen shot of this episode and tag me @candymotzek. Tell me that you’re in and that you will do the 5x5 and share how it’s going. I want to hear from you. I want to cheer you on!

Now before you go, I’d love to invite you to my free Monday Coaching and Conversation with Candy.  I open a zoom room for everyone who registers.

I usually teach a topic, answer questions and I coach. I’ll put the sign-up link in the episode notes I’d love to meet you face to face.

And if you want even more help, maybe you’ve had enough of trying to figure it all out on your own or taking hours and hours piecing together a solution by watching YouTube videos.  Then we should talk about how we can work together.

Click the link in the episode notes to find out how to apply to work with me. 

I’ll be back to talk with you next week.

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