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Are You Making It Difficult? Ep-083


Episode 83: Are You Making It Difficult? 

Hi friend and welcome to this episode I am so glad you’re here. 

You know what’s fun?

Coaching, coaching is fun!

I have some amazing clients and watching them grow and reach their goals is simply amazing. 

There was a post in a Facebook Group the other day and they asked this.

Do you just ever randomly think "Gah damn I love what I do." We are doing some pretty amazing things…

And my response was YES, every day…every single day.

This is what I want for you too…I want you to love what you do. I want to help you create an amazing and fulfilling business filled with clients that you feel honored to work with. 

Today I want to help you discover where you might be making it way more difficult than it needs to be.

You want clients, right?

Maybe it’s your first free clients

Maybe it’s your first paying clients

Maybe you want to be fully booked.

What if it was easier than you think?

How could that be true? 

Let me tell you a story, this happened years ago but it’s fresh in my memory

I wanted to buy a Mazda Miata.

You know a Mazda Miata – it’s a cute little convertible. And in fact, this is what I drive right now. I’ve had it for years – I just love it.

Well, when I wanted to buy a car, I was ready

I had done my research 

I had the money

I knew what I wanted 

So, one sunny Sunday I went to the local car dealership. I went with my daughter. She was a teenager at the time

And I was excited, this was going to be fun.

Well, we stood in the show room, oohing and aahing looking at the cars. Having fun, then we wandered around the lot.  And then we stood at the front door.  I started to feel impatient… 

I wanted help and no one (not one salesperson) had even looked my way. 

It had been more than half an hour. 

Well so I took matters into my own hands thought – there must be a mistake. I went into the show room again. Sure, enough there were salespeople there, drinking coffee and chatting amongst themselves.

I spoke to the receptionist and said I wanted some help.

She said…for sure…we’ll get someone to help you. 

15 minutes later…still not one person had come to greet me. 

Now remember…I had something I wanted, and I wanted help. I knew that person could help me. I was prepared. I had the money ready to go. 

But in the better part of an hour not one person helped me. Not one even looked at me

So, what did I do?

I walked out 

Later that week I went to another dealership and bought the car. 

I’ve never been back to that dealership. 


And since then, I’ve bought two more cars and have all of our cars serviced at the dealership.

That dealer threw away over $100k because they made it so difficult for me to do business with them.

So, my questions for you

Is it possible you are you putting up barriers?  

Where do you make it difficult for your clients? 

Where are you delaying your dream? 

This week I highly recommend you have an honest look at where you might be making it difficult for your dream clients to find you and work with you.

What can you learn from my story about the car dealership? 

Use these questions as a guide.

1. Do they know you are a coach?

Or do they have to scroll through four pages of your social feed to find that you became a coach three months ago.

2. Do they know you can help them?

Or are you the world’s best kept secret? They won’t take time to guess and sleuth around to find out if maybe you can help them. It needs to be up front. Don’t fuss about the exact perfect wording. If you are a coach and you can help people lead a better more fulfilling life, say it. Clear and to the point is always better than complicated and fancy.

How do I help you? I help coaches get clarity and create confidence, so they sign clients with ease. 

See what I mean – clear and to the point. 

 3. Do you make it hard to find you?

Do you shy away from social media? 

Never tell anyone what you do?

It’s not that you need a complicated website with a freebie and a sales funnel. In fact, you don’t even need a website to get started. You could just start have an Instagram account that you send everyone to when they are curious.

 4. Is it easy to book a consult / sample session? 

Do they have to email or DM you and then spend time trying to find a day/time that’s convenient. Or is it easy for them to book a time on your online scheduler.

 Put a link to your online scheduler on your IG profile.

 5. Do you see them?

Are you so busy doing everything else that you don’t even recognize someone who could benefit from your help? 

6. Do you greet them?

Like a friendly human….

 7. Do you help them? 

It can be as simple as inviting them in–" hey I could help you with that." Or "that’s what I do as a coach let me know if you’d like to chat. "

Or you could post helpful tips or share part of your own story. You could write and post on Medium. You could be a helpful human when you meet people during the regular course of your day.

Maybe you can help them in advance….so of course they want to reach out for more help. You’ve shown how much value you bring. 

It’s never up to our clients to do the work to find us. Nor is it up to them to play Sherlock Holmes as they try to find help. If another coach makes it easy…guess where that potential client will go for help.

It’s up to you– when you take radical responsibility you will find it is so much easier to create amazing clients.

This is the best news. Knowing that it’s up to you. If you’ve had a close look and realized, it’s actually you who are making it difficult for potential clients to work with you Then great – you can change, and it won’t take long for you to see the benefit.

Your path to success looks like this: 

  1. Know who you are and how you can help (YOU – authentically)
  2. Start helping (notice it’s start helping before you go out and meet people) (SERVE)
  3. Connect with people, build relationship (CONNECT)
  4. Invite them into your world and invite them to work with you. (INVITE)

 Excellent – now I want to hear from you.

What did you learn from this episode?

Post a screen shot of this episode and tag me @candymotzek. Tell me what you learned and what you’ve changed to make it easier and more fun for your potential clients to find you and get your help. 

Before we go, I’d love to invite you to my free Monday Coaching and Conversation with Candy.  I open a zoom room for everyone who registers.

I usually teach on a topic, answer questions and coach. I’ll put the sign-up link in the episode notes I’d love to see you there.

And if you want even more help, maybe you’ve had enough of trying to figure it all out on your own or taking hours and hours piecing together a solution by watching YouTube videos.  Then we should talk about how we can work together.

Click the link in the episode notes to find out how to apply to work with me.

I’ll be back to talk with you next week.

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