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The Year’s Not Over Yet Ep: 070


Episode 70: The Year’s Not Over Yet So Don't Give Up On Your Goals

Today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite topics.

Goals, achievements, accomplishments.

Now if you’re one of my listeners my guess is that you’re a high achiever too. 

You just LOVE to get things done and I bet one of your favorite emotions is the feeling of accomplished.

Now this exact topic came up on a private coaching call that I had this past week with one of my clients.

She mentioned that her word of the year. Actually, her word for this year, the one that’s not quite done yet was Gratitude and she was thinking the year didn’t go as well as she would have liked

And then we spoke what she had chosen for her word for next year. 

Now here’s what’s funny, if you’re listening to this when it goes live you’ll know that we’re in the first days of December. There is an entire month to go in this year. 

I’m curious how often do you do this too? One month to go and you’re already rushing forward to next year.

Sometimes I do this when it’s not going exactly the way I want. Maybe I’m not going to hit my stretch goal.  So instead of focusing and doubling down to finish this year…. I skip forward to the next and set a new goal and start looking forward. 

I bet you’re seeing all the emails come into your inbox about setting next year’s goals. And it’s so tempting to start that work and to spend time planning next year….and taking your eye off this year.

You set a goal for a year, or for a quarter (that’s my new favorite thing). I don’t set yearly goals so much as quarterly goals. They are more immediate and I find I am more apt to manage my mind and focus on this quarter…. finish the quarter strong before I move to the next. 

But when she and I had that conversation, we were talking about things on an annual basis and there was still 5 weeks to go in the year…. 5 full weeks is a long, long time…in fact it’s 10% of the year.

Yeah, when I do the math 10% is a long time. So, if that sounds like you, how does that serve you to write that time off? 

I think sometimes you might give up early because you’re nervous you won’t achieve it. You’re worried that you will be disappointed. But here’s the truth, by avoiding the potential short-term disappointment you actually disappoint yourself in advance. And then you spend so much more time in a low-level kind of hum of disappointment.

Right? Here’s a common sentiment I hear….” that goal… it’s not going to happen…so why bother? I’ll start fresh next year”

This goal that you’re giving up on, is the same goal that you were excited about at the start of the year…and I bet if you thought you could reach it you’d still be excited. So, giving up early is a sneaky little way of avoiding the potential for disappointment.

What would be possible if you kept at it? 

How can you stick with it to the stroke of midnight of Dec 31st before you give up on this year’s goal? 

Don’t count it as a defeat or give up. until the very, very last minute. Because who knows? You might actually reach the goal if you let yourself continue working towards it for 100% of the full year instead of giving up early after only 90%.

I’m in this with you too, don’t worry. We’re doing this side by side.

I actually have a goal for the last quarter of the year for my business. And I found myself taking my foot off the gas in the last week of November.

That would be me quitting with almost a full month to go on a 3-month goal.

But I’ve learned and because of that I remind myself to keep going. To stick with it.

And yes, lots of times I don’t reach my goal because I set some pretty big goals.  

But here’s what I’m not - I’m not disappointed in myself because I did my best. And I know I stayed with it the entire time instead of giving up early on the goal or giving up on myself.

It’s a big difference, it’s the choice of being disappointed with myself for much longer than the sharp little disappointment of not reaching the objective. 

I have learned something important, and this is what I want you to take in. If I stuck with it, I can decide to feel good about myself and what I did accomplish, then I can learn and adjust and create a better plan to reach that goal the next time around.

So, if you’re listening to this episode when it’s release and there’s still almost a month left in the year…don’t give up. Decide that you will stick it with, commit to the goal again and do what you can in the remaining time. 

Going forward, here are my thoughts for you.

I highly encourage you to start setting quarterly goals instead of annual. You’ll have way more chances to success.

Stick with the goal for the entire 3 months. Don’t give up early

If you catch yourself giving up, forgetting, making excuses. Realize that this is a little bit of self sabotage

Remind yourself – I want this! I’m willing to feel disappointed that I didn’t reach the goal but I’m no longer willing to feel disappointed in myself. 

I know you can do this…. I believe in you.

Hey, I appreciate you being here with me and listening and I would love it if you would share these episodes with your friends and family.

I record these to support coaches, but these concepts are universal, you don’t have to be a coach to learn something and get the benefit of these episodes.

Thank you for helping me share these concepts so we can create a lasting positive impact on our community. 

Did you know that I love my clients, they are high achievers, and I’m honored to invite you to be part of my community too? If you’re ready to get started, sign up for my free resource library. The Coaches Online Business Academy, there’s lots of free help waiting for in there right now. 

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I’ll be back to talk with you next week.

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