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11 Things I Do Every Day Ep: 063


11 Things I Do Every Day That Grow Me and My Business. Episode 63

Hello friends, welcome to this episode of She Coaches Coaches. 

Today we’re going to dive right in. 

I’m going to share with you 11 things I do every single day to grow and centre myself and my business.

I believe in consistency.  And I use these rituals, habits and small steps that accumulate to create great results.

It doesn’t matter if you could have started yesterday, last week or last month, what matters is that you begin today and move forward. Don’t cry over the spilled milk of a slow start -instead start now (not tomorrow) and keep going.

Hey right I wanted to remind you, about my experiment. Since, this podcast can feel one directional with just me talking to you. I want to turn it into more of a discussion and here’s how we’re going to do it. I want to hear from you.

DM me @candymotzek on Instagram and tell me what you want to learn more about.

Share your ideas with me for podcast episodes.  

Tell me where you could use some guidance. Share with me where you’re stuck or confused, where you need clarity. Talk to me about your goals and why you’re doing what you do.

And I’ll respond.

Yes, I’ll read every DM, personally and respond. 

And if your topic is something that I think will help a larger audience I will do a podcast episode on it.


Then I’ll dedicate the episode to you. I’ll be sure to do a shout out on social and in the episode and dedicate to you!

So that’s it. Send me a DM @candymotzek and tell me what you’d like to hear. 

Ok that’s it for updates now let’s dive into today’s episode. 

Here are the 11 things I do every day to keep me whole, grow who I am and grow my business. Here’s the list, then I’ll explain a little bit more about each. How I implement them and why they work so well.

  1. Sleep
  2. Get up early
  3. Move
  4. Meditate
  5. Coaching
  6. Journaling / self coaching / thought work
  7. Review my goals
  8. Review and remind myself of my decisions and the power of making decisions
  9. Think about my clients, connect with them and learn how I can serve them even better
  10. Learn
  11. Create 

Ok, now let's talk about each of these individually.

1. Sleep

Yes, I start the list with sleep. I sleep between 7-8 hours per night. A good night’s sleep is vital for so many areas of my health. I can’t grow me, stay healthy and grow my business when I’m exhausted. So, sleep tops the list. 

A good night’s sleep starts with a nighttime routine.

This routine doesn’t have to be complex or formal. It can be easy, 

For example, I know for sure that looking at my computer or phone doesn’t help me get to sleep, both the blue light and the stimulation of the news or social media doesn’t help me to settle down. So, my evening routine has me not being on my computer or phone after around 830. I have a shower or warm bath and then read in bed for a few minutes before I fall asleep.

2. Get up early

Getting a good night’s sleep makes it much easier to get up early. I don’t set an alarm and I usually wake up around 5am.  I have created a morning routine that I enjoy, and I look forward to it, this too makes it easier to get up when I wake up. I’ll do an episode on my morning routine in a few weeks but for now, if you want to get up earlier have something you’re waking up for…. something that is more enticing than sleep.

3. Move

Much of my day is spent sitting at a computer so I know it’s a good idea for me to move my body every day. It can be movement of any kind, but I’ve found I need to move daily.  It doesn’t matter if I’m walking my dog or at the gym doing my workouts.

Sometimes movement is even standing up and stretching between clients which helps to clear my mind and allows me to be more present on client calls.

4. Meditate

Every day, no matter what. I meditate.

It helps to start my day from a place of calm. And I also find that because I’m in the habit of meditating and creating this quiet space this is also when I get some brilliant ideas.  

When I started learning how to meditate, I used to use the Deepak Chopra 21-day meditation challenges. If you’ve been thinking about adding in meditation that’s a good way to begin.  

Now – I meditate anywhere from 15-30 minutes in the morning. 

5. Coaching 

I’m a coach, so of course I work with a coach.  My coach gives me a perspective and helps me with insights that I just can’t get on my own with my self coaching. 

So yes, doctors have doctors, therapists have therapists, and a coach needs a coach.

It only makes sense, right? How can I be a coach and sell coaching if I’m not doing my own work?

6. Self coaching / thought work / journaling

I do daily thought downloads, belief work and models (a tool that’s taught at the Life Coach School).

I grow my awareness and look for my assumptions and the places where I’ve got some misguided thoughts that are holding me back.

I have piles of journals; my favorite are the Moleskine journals and I usually go through about one a month.

7. Review my goals

I set quarterly goals and long-term vision. I look at these goals everyday and connect with them emotionally, so they stay top of mind, and I don’t “forget” why I’m doing what I’m doing

8. Review and remind myself of my decisions and the importance of making decisions

This is a funny one, I have a list of thoughts about making decisions and I review these daily. 

Every single thing that I want can only be created when I make the decision to reach for it or make a change. I connect and remind myself that everything starts with a decision, it helps me to be more decisive and effective.

Instead of second guessing myself or being indecisive I decide to decide and keep moving forward.

This decision-making skill and thought review also remind me that so much more is in my control than I might normally think. 

When it’s up to me, I’m empowered instead of sitting back and waiting for it to show up. Reviewing these decision-making thoughts and the decisions that I’ve made reminds me that I’m in control.

9. Think about my clients, connect with them, support them and consider how I can serve them even better

My clients are amazing people and I love coaching with them. Part of being a CEO of my business means that I want to continually improve and provide even higher value to them.

So, I often ask myself questions such as:

How can I help them get the results they want more quickly?

What would make it easier?

How can I help them more?

Who can I help today? 

Sometimes it means simplifying and creating processes and packages that are more condensed so they can get the results even faster. Other times it’s finding ways to deliver even more value to support them in creating a coaching business and growing who they are so they can help their clients.

10. Learn

I read, I watch videos, I take trainings. I am always learning. This learning helps me to help my clients even more and satisfies my value of continual learning.

11. Create

Create means recording these podcasts, writing emails and blog posts. Designing and creating new resources for people in my community and for my clients. 

I get great ideas of things to create during my morning meditation and then I work out the details in my morning self-coaching.

Do you see how all of these things start to work together?

Alright that’s it for today – let’s wrap it up. So, which of these do you do?  Which of these is your favorite and I hope I’ve inspired you to try something new? DM me and share what you’re learning.

I so appreciate that you’re here as part of my community and I trust that you’re applying this stuff too.

And remember I want to hear from you, send me a DM with ideas for future episodes and I’ll dedicate the episode to you and give you a shout out too on social.

My clients are go-getters, and many of them wanted to become a coach for weeks, months or even years before they got started. If this is your time sign up for my free resource library. The Coaches Online Business Academy, there’s lots of free help waiting for in there right now. 

The link is in the episode notes waiting for you to sign up for free. 

And if you want more help, maybe you want to work more closely with me. Click the link in the episode notes to find out how to apply to work with me. 

I’ll be back to talk with you next week.  

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