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The Tarot Coach With Dina Berrin Ep058


Combine Tarot and Coaching To Add Insight And Spark Inspired Action With Guest Dina Berrin Episode 58

Episode Description

In today’s episode I’m joined by Dina Berrin. Dina is a certified coach who blends tarot, astrology and charms with her coaching to create a unique approach to empowering her clients and to add depth and meaning to her work.

She is a seasoned tarot reader, teacher speaker, and certified life coach. She weaves the concepts of intuition, imagination and intent into her coaching, and she helps her clients navigate the sticky parts of all kinds of life transitions. So they can find clarity, confidence, and courage to move forward. Now, when she's not working, one-on-one sometimes she does terrible events and private parties in the New York Metro area and courtesy of the pandemic. She also does these online.

She lives in New York city with her husband, her three kids and her adorable pandemic, puppy, Rocky. And now I wanted to just kind of take a quick left turn on this. Now that's her official bio. But when I read that, I thought, ah, this does really little to capture her in her essence. And we all do this. We put a lid on our brilliance and I want you to know as well as I want her to know that she is so much more than those words that we put together in a professional way. When I hear these professional ways of describing our style selves, I think of them, they're kind of watered down, right? And so this is what I want you to really know about her. She is brilliant. She is a woman who has a deep, intuitive talent and blends her masterful knowledge of tarot with coaching in a completely unique way.

Dina is a perpetual student and that means she is always learning, always eager and always open to learn more about her chosen crafts. And I mean, always like I used that word and I really mean it. She has spent over 20 years developing as a masterful tarot reader and she uses her curiosity and fearless, deep love for people to empower and support them through the ups and downs of their lives. She has a passion for core values. She helps you understand what's important and why always the why she lives her core values and her purpose in life. And she guides others to do the same.




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