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Video Magnetism Emmy Wu Ep:054


The Archetypes Of Video Magnetism: Be More YOU, Show Up More Authentically In Your Marketing with Guest Emmy Wu


Episode Description

In today’s episode I’m joined by Emmy Wu, of Emmy Wu Media. We talk about archetypes. Specifically how to identify your most natural archetype and how to lean in to this strength to show up more authentically and powerfully on video.

Emmy has some great tips to help business owners and coaches overcome their blocks in showing up on video. Sometimes these blocks are pretty obvious - like fear of judgment - but other times they can be more sneaky and show up through our actions without us even realizing it.

Emmy believes that the biggest blocks often relate to how much we value ourselves. Maybe we don't feel like our opinions are worthy or we've been told our whole lives that we can't do certain things. These beliefs can really hold us back, especially when it comes to growing our business and putting ourselves out there.

Thankfully, she has developed a framework to help people identify where they might be holding themselves back and how to tap into their own strengths to move forward. By valuing our own voice and opinions and sharing them boldly, we can enjoy the process of showing up on video and really make progress in our businesses.

So, if you're feeling like you're stuck or unsure of how to move forward, these tips might just be what you need to get going again!

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