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Listening with Rhonda Van Diest Ep052

How You Listen Is Everything With Rhonda Van Diest Ep:052

Episode Description

In today’s episode I’m joined by my client and friend Rhonda Van Diest. We talk about the 3 levels of listening and how to use them with your coaching clients and in all areas of your life.  Find out why listening is the most important skill a coach brings to any coaching session.

Rhonda is a high energy coach who works with aspiring leaders and people interested in values-based exploration and growth. Currently. She lives in DC and she holds a master's and has worked to redesign organizations and train people in the U S and Europe for two decades. She's been a coach for a long time, since 2015.

 She is all about relationships. And one of her passions is fighting injustice. She stands up for people who have been wronged and she's always going to be in their, she lives her core values and her purpose. She's an amazing communicator. And if you're a leader or an executive, she's exactly the kind of coach that will help you transform your leadership team and company. And most importantly, she does it with love, with curiosity and fun. If you happen to run into her, be prepared for a super interesting conversation because she engages everyone that she meets. She loves to listen to your story and how you and others live and experience life

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