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10 Things You Didn't Know About Me Ep 051


10 Things You Didn't Know About Me Ep 051

Hi there and welcome to this episode of She Coaches Coaches. 

Hey, I’m so glad you’re here. Today I’m doing something completely different.

Normally at the start of an episode I share a little of my life but this time I’m diving right in. Because, I’m going to share 10 things you didn’t know about me.

I’m feeling kind of vulnerable, and that’s ok. If you’re just joining me on this journey, and you’ve never listened to my podcast before let me fill you in. 

Normally I teach/talk/coach you. Sometimes my topics are practical how-to strategies, other times it’s mindset, visioning and soul work and then there are the interviews. I’ve been doing interviews with a few of my clients, friends and peers and this is fast becoming my favorite way of capturing an interesting discussion and sharing it with you. 

But today, I’m going to talk about me! 

I’ve been feeling the pull to get more connected with you and I thought “well let’s start with me sharing a bit more about myself”. I trust that you will find this episode helpful, and you’ll use it as a reminder that we are all on this journey together.

You know, we’ve all got great successes and big mistakes. Sometimes we mess up and that’s life.

My aim with this episode is that if you get to know me a little bit more, you too will feel more comfortable with yourself and more accepting of your own progress, hopes and your mistakes too. And you may realize I am exactly the coach and guide for you.

I’ve decided to share 10 things you may not know about me. So, in no particular order let’s get started 

#1 I’m an introvert (with a capital I)

What does this mean? For me, it means I recharge my batteries with alone time. I love people, and I thrive on coaching my clients but too much socializing drains me and you’ll often find me heading home early from a party. I’m rarely the one who will stay until 2 in the morning. 

It’s weird combination right, I love people but too much drains me.

This is one of the reasons I love working one on one and in small groups. It’s the connection piece for me, and it’s energizing.

#2 I’m a homebody

While I thoroughly enjoy travelling (when it’s not COVID time), I get homesick for my family, my dog and my space at the end of the trip.

I know many “laptop lifestyle entrepreneurs” who love the idea of months of nomadic world travel as they simultaneously work on their business. While I’m happy for them, that is just so “not me”.

Truthfully, when I fly back into Vancouver, the city that I live in I get so excited to see the ocean and the mountains and to know I’m home.

#3 I meditate every morning

It doesn’t matter what the day brings, this is how I start my day.

A few years ago, I completely burned out. I had been working too hard, too many hours and I had zero, zippo, nada work-life balance. I had no boundaries and I used to be on call 24/7 so I even slept with my phone in the bedroom in case there was an emergency in the middle of the night. During my recovery, I learned how to meditate. This daily practice transformed my life, and I still eagerly get up early every morning to meditate before my day begins. It is my favorite time of the day.

There is no rule that says you have to meditate first thing in the morning, but I’ve found that is my best time. Meditation keeps me centered and in tune with my authentic self, it makes me happier and contributes to my well being.

Lots of people I know tell me they want to meditate but they just can’t quiet their mind or slow their thoughts down. If that’s you, I want to tell you that’s NOT my goal, when I meditate. I expect my thoughts to chatter away, I expect to get restless, I expect to feel like “ I should be doing something constructive instead of just sitting here” .

For me meditation is the practice of being human with the busy mind and restlessness and noticing when my focus drifts to my thoughts and then brining it back. It’s not the silence (although at times that is great) it’s the noticing the busy-ness and kindly bringing my mind back to focus, over and over. It’s the act of notice and redirect to my focus, over and over. 

 #4 I’m a Type A driven overachiever

I work hard and I’m always pushing myself for more. I know this is not the best habit, and I’ve taken many steps to shift to a healthier way. But I wanted to be open and honest with you that this is something I still struggle with. It drives my husband crazy…my relentless drive to work. I love working and I love creating, accomplishing and achieving. 

And I’ll continue to find a better way. Now I don’t work weekends (or hardly ever) and rarely work evenings. I’m on the path to  progress, not perfection. 

#5 The furthest south I’ve ever been is Antarctica!!!!

And yes I’ve also been to the Falkland Islands and rounded Cape Horn twice. (if you’re not familiar with this it’s normally a treacherous piece of water) 

I’ll post the photo on this episode page of me looking at the last frontier.

Yes, it was amazing.

Yes, it was a life-changing experience.

If you ever get a chance to go there…. say yes!

#6 The furthest north I’ve been is

The town of Elsa, Yukon . It’s a private mining town that is about 300km north of Anchorage, Alaska. If you’ve ever done an Alaska cruise they usually end or start in Anchorage.

When I was young I spent a summer around the Yukon. I was there for the longest day of the year with more than 22 hours of daylight. 

#7 I struggle with setting goals

 I do it. I set goals because it's important and I still find it a challenge. It’s because I want to do everything at once. So narrowing it down to just 1 or two main goals is a challenge.

Now I know, I get it, that I can do everything, just not at once but…I’m still interested in trying. 

#8 I do an Angel Card reading every morning

It’s part of my morning routine.  I’ll share my morning routine in another episode, but for now you know I meditate and I pull an angel card.

My favorite cards are the Doreen Virtue, Archangel Oracle cards. It’s an old set and I know she doesn’t do this anymore, but I appreciate the guidance I get.  I don’t know what it is about these particular cards, they inspire me.

It’s a simple process, I pull a card and then look at the image and see what I see. What stands out for me, is it the greenery, the halo, the book or the overall look of the card. Then I ask, what does that mean to me today?

#9 I’m an engineer

It’s funny isn’t it, each of us is a collection of contradictions.

It’s true, I have a tough time explaining how I can be a scientific logical engineer who used to be a senior leader in the corporate world who also relies heavily on my intuition and reads Angel Cards every morning.

I find this contradiction makes me curious. Our culture values logic, data and things we can “prove” scientifically. 

And, at the same time, I know there are many things we can’t yet explain because we haven’t designed the equipment sensitive enough to measure them.

And why do we need to explain everything – maybe we can welcome the mystery. Welcome those contradictions in yourself. The sum of all those pieces make you YOU. 

#10 My office is a She Shed

Yes, I said she shed. I’ll put a photo in the blog post for this episode so you can see it too. It’s 120 sf, filled with windows and I look over the farm fields, with the trees in my backyard.  It’s my own little oasis.

I am so fortunate to work in this gorgeous little She Shed. Leave me a comment – would you love a she shed too?

So that’s my 10 things Let me repeat them for you as we wrap up.

  1. I’m an introvert
  2. I’m a homebody
  3. I’m an overachiever.
  4. South Antarctica
  5. North Elsa Yukon
  6. I meditate every day
  7. Every day I pull an angel card
  8. I struggle with narrowing down my goals
  9. I’m an engineer
  10. My office is a she shed

Hey, I so appreciate that you’re here and that you’re part of my community.

Now, if you want more help in becoming a coach, Check out the link in the episode notes to find out how to apply to work with me. 

And don’t forget to sign up for my free resource library that’s filled with all kinds of resources and tools you can use to get started. It’s called the Coaches Online Business Academy, click the link in the episode notes to sign up today.

Alright, that’s it for today. I’m so appreciative that you spent this time with me.

I’ll be back to talk with you next week. 

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